Rather than explain how a department under her control could spend hundreds of millions of dollars more than needed on COVID-19 test kits, Gov. Kathy Hochul instead insisted the purchase was a good idea, proclaiming she would “do that all again” if given the chance. This response is alarming, arrogant and displays a complete lack of situational awareness.  

Weeks ago, the Albany Times Union reported Charles Tebele, the CEO of Digital Gadgets, and his family donated $300,000 to the governor’s campaign and hosted an in-person fundraiser for the governor. Soon after, the state began purchasing $637 million worth of COVID-19 test kits from his company. Hochul’s campaign then hired the son of Charles Tebele between donations. We have also learned the state of California bought the same test kits elsewhere for 45% less than New York did.

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