Fulton HEalth Care Month

Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer of Oswego Health Michael Backus (blue suit), city of Fulton Mayor Deana Michaels  (behind podium) and President and CEO of Oswego Health Michael Harlovic (grey suit) stand at the podium, joined by health care workers. Mayor Michaels signed a proclamation on Monday at the Oswego Health Fulton Medical Center, making May Health Care Month.

FULTON — Fulton Mayor Deana Michaels signed a proclamation Monday making May Health Care Month in the City of Fulton. 

Michaels was joined at the Oswego Health Fulton Medical Center by Oswego Health Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer Michael Backus, and President and CEO of Oswego Health Michael Harlovic.

Backus spoke about the impact health care workers have had in the community and thanked them for all of their work during the pandemic. He also thanked Michaels for her leadership and the partnership between the city of Fulton and Oswego Health. 

“There’s an awful lot of great opportunity coming for Oswego Health, but more importantly, for the people and the residents in Fulton,” Backus said. “There’s so much great opportunity right here for both of us to really see us grow health care, grow our system, but also grow our community.”

The mayor has a personal appreciation for health care workers, as her mother was once on the career path to becoming a nurse. Although she didn’t end up officially becoming a nurse, she was always helping people, according to Michaels.

“There’s something really special about someone who says ‘I want to go into health care,’” Michaels said. “There’s this drive, this passion, there’s this empathy, and I lived with that my entire life because that’s who my mom was, she always had that passion, that care.” 

There are multiple celebratory recognitions of health care workers during the month of May, including National Nurses Week, May 6-12; National Nursing Home Week, May 8-14; National Hospital Week, May 9-15; and National EMS Week, May 15-21. May is also Mental Health Awareness Month. Health care workers in Fulton will continue to receive recognition after Health Care Month, Michaels said.

“While May is Health Care Worker Appreciation Month, this is a year-long celebration and appreciation for all that you do in our community,” Michaels said. “So we’re not going to stop here. We’re going to continue to work together in partnership to make sure that the residents in the city of Fulton get the care and get the services that they need to make healthy choices and to really be a vibrant community.”

Michaels announced an upcoming community program for health care workers. The City of Fulton, in collaboration with Oswego Health, is partnering with numerous local businesses to offer health care workers discounts and recognition for their work. 

Participating businesses in Fulton include Mimi’s, Shannon’s Hot Dogs, Tavern on the Lock, Lakeview Lanes, Fulton Speedway, Burke’s HomeCenter and more. Participating businesses will display a poster, offering discounts from May 6 to 15. Any health care worker is eligible for the discounts and will need to provide valid health care identification.

“Our health care workers here in Fulton make it a better place to live, a better place to work and a better place to visit,” Michaels said. “Thank you for your continued commitment to the health and well-being of our community. We stand with you, we stand alongside you as you offer the vital services to our community that it needs to be healthy and successful.” 

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