Former city wastewater chief faces year in jail (copy)

City officials lined up abut $25 million in funding through bonding to complete consent decree work on the wastewater and storm water systems this week, and approved applications to seek more than $7.5 million in grant funding to cover the costs. Last month the officials approved about $7 million for the Oswego East Side Wastewater Treatment Plant, pictured above. 

OSWEGO — City officials are seeking more than $7.5 million in state grant funds and plan to borrow nearly $25 million to complete upcoming water and wastewater improvements, much of which is part of the ongoing consent decree to separate the city’s sanitary and storm sewer systems.

The city of Oswego entered into a judicial consent decree with the federal government and New York State in May 2010, with the order requiring the city to separate at least 75 percent of the combined sewer and storm water system at an estimated cost of more than $80 million. With roughly half the work complete, officials are preparing to enter the final phases of the years-long project and lining up funding to complete the work.