Claudia Tenney provided a self-serving puff piece to this newspaper the eve of the Republican primary for the 22nd Congressional District. She is now the Republican candidate for that position, and wants to be the face of the district to the nation and the world. She says that she is “principled.” That’s not credible. These are the facts:

Claudia Tenney says that she has been endorsed by Donald Trump, the NRA, Newt Gingrich, Elise Stefanik, Devin Nunes, and other highly recognizable names from the far-right, extremist factions of the present-day Republican Party.  She calls each of them “principled”.

“Principled” (an adjective, attributed to a person or their behavior) is defined as: acting in accordance with morality and showing recognition of right and wrong.

It’s only fair to ask: Why would anyone trust her judgment when she boasts of support by depraved criminals and moral defectives? They are not “principled.” How can she be?

Let’s start where Claudia Tenney did: Donald Trump. There are many things you can call a man who shamed all three of his wives then bragged about it on radio programs (sometimes paying for it under duress), and fathering at least one out-of-wedlock daughter who he has since shunned. That isn’t “principled.”. He did marry his mistress Marla Maples, after their baby was born — for a while. Donald Trump settled repeated violations of Federal law (1973 – 1988), with his father, arising from the conduct of their real estate business, for violating the right of all Americans to just protection against discrimination in rental housing (Fair Housing Act).

Trump cheated thousands of suppliers, contractors, banks and credit institutions, employees, small businesses, customers, and “friends” of wages and other compensations, including his own lawyers and family members by refusing to pay fairly owed bills, lying about his financial status, threatening ruinously expensive litigation, engaging in multiple bankruptcy proceedings, bluster and intimidation, for dishonest profits and infantile self-aggrandizement. He bragged, on a widely distributed audio recording, that he’s proud to be a violent sexual predator and admitted he entered, uninvited, girls’ dressing rooms at Miss Teen USA beauty pageants he promoted.

He ran multiple fraudulent operations for decades, including Trump University (until forced to close, and partially reimburse suckers’ money he cheated them out of) and a fake ‘charity’ that collected money from donors to pay his personal debts (until forced to close by the New York  Attorney General). He insinuated himself into a lurid assault case involving a woman jogger in Central Park who was terribly assaulted. Five young Black men were falsely accused and imprisoned for five to 13 years. Trump demanded the death penalty for each of them and continued to insist – even after they were proven innocent by the confession of the actual rapist. He still maintains that he was right. He bears personal responsibility for deaths of over one hundred and sixty thousand Americans – and counting. His lies, his hatred of science and plain truth and his paranoid fantasies are the direct causes of his grossly incompetent, superstitious response to the most serious national threat in a century. His Congressional supporters also own this disaster. They not only enabled him, they helped him by cowardly silences and pious handwashing at his impeachment trial.

President Donald Trump is a pathological liar and a coward who adores murderers, dictators and America’s sworn enemies. His focus has been to drive interest rates to zero leaving the nation defenseless against the recession, and enact multi-trillion dollar tax breaks for the ultra-wealthy that actual working people will be paying off for the next few hundred years. There’s also his crude bribery of soy bean farmers in the mid-West with taxpayer dollars or his deliberate sabotage of carefully developed mutual military and economic relationships with Canadian, European and Asian allies that helped to keep the United States safe and prosperous for two centuries. Or his crude, vulgar misogyny. Or his complete contempt for the checks-and-balances design of the US government. Or his Constitutional responsibilities. A global pandemic that infects millions, and kills hundreds of thousands, of Americans in all 50 states, is worthy of White House action. A few dozen rowdy individuals acting out in scattered cities is not the responsibility of the White House.

How, exactly, Claudia Tenney, does Donald Trump’s half-century public record of anti-social, criminal, licentious, greedy, crude, vulgar, and cowardly behavior demonstrate that he was ever “acting in accordance with morality and showing recognition of right and wrong”?

If principled herself, why does she boast of Trump’s endorsement?  Does she also admire liars, cowards, cheats, grifters, misogynists, racists and rabble rousers? When will she, herself, clearly show recognition of right and wrong?

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