At the risk of wearing it out, I’m thinking the word I want here is “serendipity,” for when you have those moments that pop eyes open and you just can’t believe your luck. If you have an equally lovely and appropriate word, please feel free to share it. 

I’m talking about times like when I mentioned to a friend that I needed a job and she said she knew a place was hiring, and boom, I had a job. 

Or when I was fairly certain I was pregnant for the third time and trying to keep it a secret, I just happened to read in the paper about a free pregnancy clinic.

Or when I offered to help a woman who was having difficulty balancing everything she was carrying and getting invited to her writers group — where I finally found my voice.

Or more recently as say — yesterday, to be whining that I can’t seem to get a vaccine and someone in the room tells me that a certain place has a waiting list and they are taking names right now. Well, it’s a start … at least I’m finally on a list.

But an even bigger serendipitous moment occurred after my iPad broke. To show you how upsetting that was, if my house were on fire my iPad would be in the top two list of things to grab before I escaped, seconded only by my purse.

Without it I cannot receive texts, photos or Facetime calls from my son. Nor can I joke back and forth with my sister, or play the games that relax me when I’m wound tight — or test my brain when I’m feeling forgetful. But the home button was dead. I couldn’t get anywhere. 

I knew it wouldn’t last forever. Heck, I didn’t even know I wanted one until it was on sale for a crazy $200 and my four-year-old granddaughter told me to go for it. She had no idea what it even was but she’s a risk taker. Apparently so was I. But it’s been seven years and frankly I was practically out of storage space, causing me to delete pictures, videos and conversations just to have enough room to update my games. 

I looked into getting the home button fixed but it would cost $90. That would be throwing good money after bad. And I couldn’t wait for a sale to come around so I could expect to pay about $400. 

I called my daughter-in-law, because she’s my go-to person in these situations. “Where’s the cheapest place to buy a new one?”

“Oh, I always buy direct from the company for electronics” she said. I was totally floored. Considering all the on line shopping she does I was expecting to be given a secret code and back door meetings.

“Well, okay,” I said, “but how much memory should I get? Because I’ve used 14 out of 16 whatchamacallits.” 

“If money’s not a problem, get as much as you can. I have like 250.” 

And that is how I managed to order a new iPad for just under $600. I’m not bragging, in case you can’t read sarcasm when you see it. That extra memory cost about $150. I also had to drive to Destiny to pick it up at exactly 12:15 on a Sunday. 

While my daughter Trish was setting up the new one, I saw her swipe the old one and a mini home page showed up. Aha! I found I was still able to use it if someone texted me or my ring doorbell went off, causing my screen to open, then I could swipe sideways and get to other places. So I kept it upstairs, as a poor excuse for a backup because I couldn’t make myself throw it away. 

Here’s the serendipitous moment … a few weeks later I was telling my daughter Jodie and her husband about how I had to get a new iPad because the home button broke on the old one and Derek really popped my eyes! Apparently you can activate something called assistive touch and it puts a home button on your screen! 

I was so excited I ran home to try it, which was silly because I drove over there. And it took me a while to wiggle my way into my settings but I did it and my old iPad is fixed. I just wish they had told me this $600 ago because I’m currently broke. 

But that’s ok because now I have an upstairs iPad and a downstairs iPad. Life is good.

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