Covid-19 has left me, and a whole lot of other people, floundering for things to do. I’m pretty choosy about the places I go and things I do because I’m A-positive and therefore they say the virus will hit me with the likes of a baseball bat. Being delicate and sensitive surely won’t help the situation.

But desperate times call for desperate measures so I did my first outdoor craft show. Mind you it was sprinkling when I left the house and full on raining when I got there to set up and I didn’t have so much as an umbrella let alone a tent like everyone else. Luckily the hostess was gracious and allowed me to set up under one of her tents. Praying for better weather was getting me nowhere so I decided to have a chat with Mother Nature, which had the same results.

The rain stopped at noon as Wayne Mahar promised but the wind felt the need to show off for most of the day — therefore I was constantly rearranging the wind’s shenanigans. I am not an outdoorsy kind of girl so this might be a one and only experience for me.

Five days later I agreed to work the Speedway Food Giveaway. It sounded easy enough, and safe enough, as it would also be outdoors. Well, Mother Nature was after me again. I think she’s mad at me because I told you all about her affair with Old Man Winter (aka Jack Frost) and she wanted to make me squirm. Luckily squirming was the only thing that kept me from freezing to death that day.

Someone else must have had it in for me as well because instead of supplying three small boxes of food to each car, this time they put all the food (and milk) into one big box. It had to weigh 35 lbs. I managed to load exactly 4 boxes before I told my partner I would need an ambulance ride if I did another. My new job was to open and close car doors and trunks for him — to keep my dignity. I also got to hand out special treats donated by a local store.

Next my church was having a cleaning day and I haven’t been able to make one yet so this time I headed over to see what it was all about. If I didn’t know better I’d think they were trying to kill me. I don’t have what it takes to garden anymore, and digging holes is no longer my thing. Frankly I don’t think it ever was. I agreed to rake the leaves out of the planter and help put down mulch. We made quite a mess on the sidewalk so I found a broom and tried to sweep it all up. It turns out that sweeping mulch off of sidewalks isn’t my thing either. My arms were visibly quivering from the abuse.

 I asked for indoor work which left me cleaning the kitchen with my sister … until a call for help floated through the air. The one and only guy there was trying to remove all the old wood from old organ pipes out of the basement and into a waiting trailer. I thought I could help, but they were too heavy. He started sawing them in half but I still couldn’t manage. Thank goodness for my sister’s help. But after 15-20 trips up the stairs and down again we plopped ourselves into chairs with the heavy realization that we aren’t 25 anymore.

My best new experience was finally going to the Planetarium at the college. I’d always wanted to go but couldn’t find anyone to go with me, nor could I find the building it was in. Here is where I want to thank Covid because the show was on Zoom. I was fascinated from the get-go. Did you know that just looking towards the lake does not mean you are looking north? You have to turn a bit because our streets are not laid out in a true north/south/east /west grid. I now know how and where to look for certain stars, the names of other stars I’d never heard of, learned some interesting Greek mythology, and what strength binoculars are actually useful.

The instructor even magnified Jupiter and Saturn for me so I didn’t have to go buy a telescope.

He also showed Venus and Mars. He said you could see Mars right now if you looked east because it’s the closest it will be for another 14 years or so. As much as I was enjoying the show I also wanted him to quit talking so I could rush outside and see for myself. But then he said we wouldn’t be able to see Mars with just binoculars so I made a note to borrow a telescope.

This was worth doing again.

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