Last year I got caught in a blinding storm at night. My car came to a dead stop just three feet from my driveway because I couldn’t go fast enough up this hill. The hubby came to my rescue but it was a harrowing experience and I swore I would never go out in snowy weather again. He said I probably just needed snow tires. Hmmm. I’d never needed them with the Bonneville but this Nissan was a different story. When I heard you had to pay to have them put on and taken off every six months I lost interest. I’ll just stay home.

But what do you do when you are already out and it snows? This happened to me on the first snowfall of the year. I came out of volunteering prepared with boots, but my Nissan was not. I slipped and slid all the way from the city to the stop sign at the bottom of my hill. Remembering that awful night when my car just plain stopped, I planned to get a good running start. As I turned onto my road, ready to go full bore, I saw two cars pulled over. I had no choice but to go half bore which quickly became clear as day that I was not going to make it up the hill so I turned onto a side road, turned around and headed back to the stop sign to try again.

Just as I started, a huge white van came over the hill, causing me to stop and back up. Gnashing my teeth, I was more determined than ever to get in my driveway. I punched it. I got almost to my driveway when my car got sluggish. “I think I can, I think I can” it seemed to be saying to me.

I knew instinctively that this car did not have what it would take to pull into my driveway as it is even steeper than the portion of hill I was climbing. I simply had to get to the top, pull into my neighbor’s circular driveway and head down the hill, which is also a treacherous act from that direction.

I prayed all the while my car inched upward and finally I was in my neighbor’s driveway, flooded with relief. Then a thought hit me. Why pull back onto the road and possibly slide right past my driveway, or get stuck in the mouth of it? I could just drive across the lawn. My neighbor doesn’t mind when we seal the driveway and have to do this so I really thought it was the angel on my shoulder talking to me. Come to find out it was the devil on the other shoulder.

Oh I made it into my driveway all right and even got into my house alright, though I could not believe how shaky my hands were. Seriously, I almost couldn’t unlock the door because they were vibrating so much. I knew I was stressed but not that stressed.

No, the problem was when the hubby came home and said the neighbor wants to know who drove across his lawn because this time of year it might have left ruts. I feel so foolish, embarrassed and guilty. Come spring I will likely be out there beating the ground into submission.

I calmly gave the hubby an ultimatum. I had no choice obviously. I either needed to get snow tires, or a new car that could handle the snow, or for him to drive me everywhere I needed to be.

The snow tires will be ready Tuesday. Isn’t he sweet?

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