I’m feeling blue these days. I guess the virus has hit me from the backside because I’m about fed up with social distancing. And I’m fed up with fabric stores being closed. I’ve been ordering fabric and patterns and whatever I think I need online but it just doesn’t make up for what I seem to be missing, which I now realize is social interaction. 

I know we need to stay safe, and I don’t mind wearing a mask or washing my hands or waiting my 6 foot turn in line for an ice cream cone, but I need to get back with my peeps. I need quilt group! And I need little people. Maybe I need vitamin B-12, or my magnetic bracelet, or more vegetables, or more chocolate. Something has to pull me out of this funk.

I don’t like feeling like this, and I don’t need to be around negative people right now. I can’t even begin to count how many conspiracy theories I’ve heard. There are people out there who actually believe that some group is trying to break us, and “the group” is either China, the Democrats, the government, aliens …

I guess I can’t blame people for believing what they read these days — what with the news being so messed up. Especially because after reading Anne Rice’s “The Vampire Lestat” and then “Interview With a Vampire,” she had me totally convinced that vampires were real. Everything she wrote was just that plausible. Luckily I was by myself and could think rationally and shake it off, but if I had been in a chat room with a couple of hundred people who also believed in vampires, well who knows where that might have gone. I’d probably have my teeth sharpened into fangs by now.

The latest post I read is perhaps the most daunting. It starts off with “It’s just a mask, it’s just a few weeks, it’s just until the hospital catches up, it’s just a few more weeks, it’s just until we get a vaccine, it’s just a few side effects … ” and by the time you get to the end of the list the government has placed a chip in you and taken away all your freedoms. 

I don’t buy into this. The government is not trying to turn us into mindless robots. Right now they are just trying to get on top of this epidemic by asking us to play it safe for a while. Some people are complaining that “they’re taking away our rights.” Well if they didn’t try to do something then these same people would be complaining about that. In fact I think they have. There’s no win here.

I’m all for a vaccine – once it’s been proven safe and effective of course. I have a friend who remembers the time when polio was attacking, maiming and even killing children back in the ‘40s. She said for more summers than she could count, all the children were kept indoors until a vaccine came along. All they had was a radio for amusement so that had to be rough. 

Lucky for me this vaccine came along right before I was born and except for one bad batch that actually gave 200 kids polio, the vaccine was a game changer. Polio cases went from more than 14,000 that year to just under 6,000 the next year. It has now been nearly eradicated except for the poorest of countries that can’t get this medicine. 

So yes I want a vaccine — I just don’t want to be first in line. Leave that to the brave folks — the ones who want to go to Mars, walk tight ropes or sky dive. Yeah, let them lead the way. 

Actually there’s another group who should go first. I heard that there are parties where the young and restless invite someone who has COVID-19 and offer a money prize to the first person who catches it. 

Is that not the most infuriating thing ever? It is stupidity with a capital S. 

I’m gnashing my teeth here.

I don’t know what this world is coming to, but I’m glad I’m on the leaving end of it. 

Now you can see why I’m feeling blue, so if you have a good joke, or a positive thought, or a cute picture of your kitty, puppy, or grandchild, send it along. I need a reason to smile right now. 


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