So … I think this new way of getting things done is going to be the new way to get things done even after the quarantine is over. Except for clothing, I kind of like ordering things on line and having them show up at my door so that I don’t have to head out into heat, cold or rain. Heck I don’t even have to get out of my pajamas.

Same goes for Sunday mornings. I could watch my minister on You-Tube without putting on stockings or perfume. Or at least I could until they switched to zoom. I started to watch and realized my wet hair and pretty purple robe had no business being there so I dove to the floor and zoomed out. This week I got brave and actually went to church but found wearing the mask in this heat for that long to be a tad bit unbearable. At one point I had to make a choice, unhook my mask from one ear or pass out. I decided I didn’t want an ambulance ride and just held my mask in front of my face for a few minutes. So if the heat continues, I will continue to watch from home.

I also like how most places you go to do something official now require an appointment so there is little wait time, and you get a free temperature check to boot. I would not mind this becoming the new normal.

 I have to admit I was mildly annoyed when I had to start going to a drive thru bank because I would miss the comradery that I was used to. But I am getting a little too used to doing my banking sitting down now and I’m not sure I want to give it up. I’ve got air conditioning, water, music, and a little bit of chit-chat with the girl in the screen. It’s all good. Except for one thing:

I am part of the reason there has been a coin shortage of late. I have had $45 in coinage that I wanted very much to take to the bank but I certainly couldn’t put it all in that tube and expect it to float upwards, and I didn’t have the patience to try one roll at a time. No, I had to wait until the lobby opened up. I’m not much of a mathematician but I’m fairly certain that if everyone out there also had this problem, well that would explain/fix the coin shortage. If it still isn’t enough, I could pry up my pantry floor. I walk on $68 worth of pennies each time I need a little snack. Unfortunately, some people are hoarding their coins because of the shortage, thus adding to the shortage … kind of like the toilet paper issue. 

As of late I am becoming more leisurely. Not because I wanted to. It takes everything in me to sit just a little longer at the dinner table or anywhere else. I have to turn off the voice that constantly whispers “let’s go, times a wasting” two minutes after I put my butt down or my feet up. But since I have very few places to be now I tell myself it’s okay to play on my iPad for half an hour or watch my Netflix movie during the daytime because the dishes aren’t going anywhere and no one is coming by to catch me loafing off.

I’m figuring that maybe God wants me to slow down, or wants me to witness something that I would normally miss with all my rushing around. Yesterday was one of those days.

My granddaughter Celia (11) wanted me to come to her house to meet her new, adorable bunny. When I showed up, Trish was painting the living room and the dog was so excited to greet me that he ran right through the paint tray (and through the house till he found me) so we spent the first 10 minutes scrubbing the floors. She — not so happy. Me — happy to have something to do. Then I went up to see the bunny and ended up helping Celia clean her room, change her sheets, and listening to everything she had to say — which is always a lot. I was enjoying all of it.

Then Henry “invited” me outside to watch him play so I was able to get my sun exposure in and after a time, Trish sent them indoors so we could have an uninterrupted conversation. That’s all it was, a pleasant, grown-up chit-chat. No agenda, no grumbling over politics like everyone else does, but mostly no little people requesting snacks or “come see my (fill in the blank).” It was lovely sitting in the shade with a cool breeze blowing. Then Henry brought his chair out (along with a cupcake he managed to snag on his own) and sat with us, trying to add to the conversation with nonsense and laughter — such a happy, silly, beautiful little boy.

Normally I would feel the need to leave after half an hour because that’s what I do anywhere I go — but not this day. I wanted to drink it all in, enjoy every inch of it because getting together with people happens so seldom now.

Is this my take-away God? I’m listening.

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