USS Truxtun

The USS Truxtun.

Writer’s note: Feb. 18, 2022. marks the 80th anniversary of the wrecks of the USS Truxtun and the USS Pollux on the southern shore of Newfoundland, Canada. Charles Carmen Crisafulli, gunner’s mate second class, was among the casualties and the first Oswego citizen to sacrifice his life for his country in World War II. This article makes use of recently uncovered documents about the tragedy. … Sincere gratitude is extended to Ms. Joanne Paino, niece of Charles and Mary Crisafulli, for granting permission to use documents and photographs in her possession relating to her “Uncle Chuck.”

When a convoy of three ships, the USS Wilkes, USS Truxtun, and USS Pollux set out from Portland, Maine, on Feb. 15, 1942, no one could foresee the disaster about to occur on the southern coast of Newfoundland three days later.  


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