I don’t know how many of you do facebook, and while I kind of wish I didn’t, every once in a while you find something funny. 

In my newsfeed I found this amusing piece from TXT Stories and it was about Elsa, Anna, and Olaf (in true text form) texting each other about Elsa’s love life - or lack of it - because she’s cold as ice. It was quite clever and amusing - and you know I love clever.

Then another one popped up about the Christmas Story. It was in four parts that started out with Mary texting Gabriel that the baby was here and she wanted everyone to gather together to take a picture while the lighting was good.

Then it goes to the angel Gabrielle texting a shepherd. Here’s an excerpt:

“The baby is here. Hurry.” 


 “I don’t think you get it. THE baby is here! Mary had the baby.”

“Mary from Nazareth? Joseph’s girl? Joe never told me she was preggars.”

“It’s not Joseph’s baby. But he’s going to raise it.”

A shocked emoji face pops up and the shepherd texts “So who’s the deadbeat dad?”


“Odd. But dope.”

This totally cracks me up as I try to put these texters back in the day, or bring the day forward to modern times. Again, clever!

The next part is about one of the three wise men trying to get the address from Gabrielle to put into his GPS but Gabrielle won’t give it, as they are keeping the baby on the dl (down low) because of Herod. They keep getting lost because ‘Mel won’t ask for directions’. They are told to follow the *** (stars). And there is a hold up that two emoji’s explain clearly. A camel, and a little brown poop.

The last part is Mary texting Gabrielle with an important question. “I don’t know what to do.” 

“Don’t worry, you’ll be a great mom,” Gabrielle texts back.

“No”, she texts. “I don’t know which pic to Instagram.” And then proceeds to send six pics of everyone gathered around the baby in the manger for him to choose from and they are the exact same picture every time.

Man I wish I could come up with material like that. 



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@debbiehough "I wish I could come up with stuff like that." In your re-telling of it, you just did! Thanks for the cute imagery.

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