I guess now is as good – I mean – bad a time as any to break the sad news. That rascally rampant Covid 19 has caused the powers that be to cancel the Quilt Show this year. I am heartsick over it. Hundreds of people look forward to it every year and will now be understandably bummed out.

My vendors will also be bummed. They will have a loss of income as well as their usual good time. I didn’t want to tell them right away because when the task force told me last month I thought it was a little too soon to make that call — that maybe things would turn around by October. Clearly it was wishful thinking on my part.

I totally get that this is the safest way to go and can now rest in the decision. I have accepted it. But try telling the almost 30 quilts I have created since March that they will have to stay trapped in my guest room for another whole year. They scream at me every time I walk past the room now. They have pushed me to make choices.

Just down the road from me is a cute and clever little shop that is only open on the weekends. It’s called Farmhouse Creations. Nancy, the owner, was quite excited to hear my sad story. She has offered to sell some of my table runners for me right out of the shop, and might even host a quilt or two if she can make room for them. I am so grateful for this!

Meanwhile one daughter of mine has fixed me up an Etsy account where I have posted two quilts that I happened to have pictures of. I need to add more eye-catching ones as soon as I remember how I did it the first time. I go by SewWhatsNewByDebbie. My other daughter has set me up an account through Facebook, where I am able to show a larger selection. It goes by the same name but with breaks between words and not capitalized. I’m keeping my fingers crossed on these endeavors.

I’ve also thought that I might try holding a Quilt Show in my own yard with maybe one other vendor but I probably won’t. I just need to find homes for my, as of late, trash-talking little darlings before the pile collapses and they smother me to death.

Of course, even if my quilts kill me it would have all been worth it. I have loved choosing the fabrics to match the patterns I have or finding the right pattern to use on the fabrics I couldn’t leave behind in a quilt shop. Call me an odd duck but I love the whole process: cutting up the fabric into perfect little piles, watching the pieces grow into its final form, and getting goosebumps as the quilting brings it to life. Full disclosure: putting on the binding – not so much. It takes a strong push from my OCD.

So far three quilts have sold. The hard part is saying goodbye to them. If I could I’d keep them all, but that would be selfish. They might be my babies but they need to be loved and appreciated like anyone else.

So I will find a way and one by one they will leave the nest.

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