I don’t know what this world is coming to.

I do know that I’m glad I’m on the leaving end of it and yet saddened that my children and grandchildren will be left to deal with it without me. Not that they need me to stand behind them because I have raised self-sufficient, well-mannered people. It wasn’t that hard so I don’t understand what this generation’s problem is.

Case in point: my daughter took her son to McDonald’s for lunch. As she stood in line to be waited on, a young woman came flying in the door screaming for the manager, who happened to be a young woman herself.

“They screwed up my order in the drive-thru!” the woman yelled. “And they had the audacity to ask if I had paid for it! That is so rude! I can’t believe they asked me if I paid for it! I’m just furious! That was so rude! ”

Mind you, the woman sprinkled the f-bomb throughout her tirade.

My daughter had had enough. She stood protectively between the crazy lady and her little boy and said as calmly as she could, “You know what’s rude? This right here is rude.” She then patted the manager on the shoulder and apologized for what she was enduring.

Silence filled the air for about five seconds and then the crazy lady started screaming again. “Oh, my Sprite! You forgot my Sprite! Give me my Sprite!” On her way out she told my daughter in a quieter voice, “Next time mind your own business.”

My daughter just laughed because when you come in screaming and swearing, you have made your business everyone’s business. Luckily the only thing my grandson repeats from that scenario is “My Sprite! Where’s my Sprite?”

Then I walked into a grocery store and was audibly assaulted by a large family that should have stayed in their cave. The kids were running all over the store pinching each other and screaming about it and the mother was yelling from wherever she was to “Knock it off” or “Get over here!” to which they did neither. Nor did she enforce it. In fact, she more or less reinforced it when she told them to pick out treats for themselves as she cashed out. Yeah, she is raising a whole clan of similar people and all I can do is shake my head.

There was a time when you could offer help or advice to a frazzled mother but now you don’t dare because too many of them are not frazzled, they are just ill mannered and might attack you. While I’m proud of my daughter for stepping into a messy situation, I also worry she might be a little crazy herself to have done that.

And please explain road rage. Well actually I know enough to see why one would get angry when the person ahead of you is out for a Sunday drive with their dog and you are late picking up your kid, but why chase someone down and demand a showdown because they pulled out in front of you? I have people pull out in front of me so often I’ve begun to wonder if my car is invisible. Maybe I’m even dead but don’t know it and living my life anyway in some altered universe.

But chasing people down just wastes a lot of your time, and I don’t have that much time left to be wasting, let alone that mindset.

When did school shootings become the cool thing to do? What kind of damage needs to be done to a person to cause a mind to go so dark? I wish we were computerized so that when someone has evil thoughts an alarm goes off, or they would sweat purple beads, or just freeze in place until they can be rewired. Call me crazy but I have little patience for evil.

While standing on my soapbox I told a friend that if I were voted in as president I’d off everyone who didn’t think like me. She laughed. I laughed — but I’m not sure why.

I read somewhere that there is a place where life is perfectly peaceful, and that’s because when sordid people arrive, the authorities put them on a plane to somewhere else.

Now that’s something I could live with — and laugh about later.

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