Oswego County DMVs functional through pandemic

Oswego County Clerk Michael C. Backus

Last week I recorded a video message at the invitation of Oswego County Legislature Chairman James Weatherup. In the video I shared a few things about Oswego County DMV operations and our ability to process work even though we are closed to the public.

As I shared in the Public Service Announcement last week, all three Oswego County DMVs — Fulton, Oswego, and Pulaski — can accept DMV work by mail or drop-box. The only thing we cannot do is take photos in our offices.

If you need to do any of the following, please call one of our offices and send us your DMV work: plate surrenders, registration renewals and/or new plates for vehicles with an MV-82 form, transferring of plates to another vehicle, a duplicate registration, a duplicate title, duplicate license, license renewals with an electronic eye test or form MV-619, or a license abstract.

If you drop off or mail any of these transactions to us, please include your full name, physical address, and phone number. We will mail you a receipt of your transaction for your records.

Our Oswego County DMVs can help you with any of that work and more; if you are an automotive dealer, we’d very much like to talk with you about our dealer processing program.

Our offices can be reached at the following phone numbers:







Rest assured that your license that expired in March or your registration that is up at the end of April is still valid. Governor Cuomo through executive order extended all those expiration dates “until further notice.” I would expect him to continue extending those expirations and I have advocated to him and the state Commissioner of Motor Vehicles, that when they do reopen DMVs they do so in a measured, planned approach. Otherwise, it will be nearly impossible to create any social distance and we risk a reoccurrence of this outbreak.

Thankfully, at the outset of this pandemic, Oswego County DMVs were among the first in the state to enforce social distancing. We taped the floors and instituted a brand-new appointment system to keep everyone safe. I know how important local DMV services are to you and our three offices stand ready to reopen when this pandemic passes. We have a plan to reschedule appointments, keep everyone at a safe distance, and provide the DMV services that are so needed.

In the meantime, we can help you with many transactions and you don’t have to be an Oswego County resident to mail or drop off transactions. We also have a person who can travel throughout central and northern New York to pick up dealer transactions if your automotive dealership needs paperwork processed. Please call 315-349-8300 to inquire about our dealer processing service.

Together we will get through this and some semblance of normalcy will return. Whenever that is, the Oswego County DMVs and the Oswego County Clerk’s office will be here to help you. If you have questions please feel free to send us an email at CountyClerk@OswegoCounty.com or call us at 315-349-8621.

Mexico, N.Y. native Michael C. Backus has served as Oswego County Clerk since 2013.

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