Eighteen years ago my first born said she had something to tell me, but as I looked into her eyes I already knew. “You’re pregnant again.”

“How did you know?” 

“Because your eyes have a sparkle to them when you’re expecting” I said. (Unlike the daggers that tended to take over in the last few weeks. heh heh) 

And so, 17 years ago I met grandchild number three in the hospital room, snuggling him, taking in his scent, and loving him already. I said “He’s a keeper!”

And he has been. While he didn’t care much for school or television, he could always be found tinkering with things and coming up with ways to make money from the time he was four years old. I think he was mowing their lawn by the time he was eight. 

As a young teenager he was mowing lawns for money and started amassing fish tanks. Five of which he had in his bedroom. I’m talking the really big tanks – all full of fish. He built cabinets for them and then started building and selling more cabinets. 

And I do believe he made an actual power point presentation for his parents on why he needed a sugar glider – also known as a flying squirrel. This boy has been a real kick. 

A few years ago he decided to take auto body at CiTi (the former BOCES). I had to pick him up from school one day and he was wearing this dress shirt with badges on it. I knew he had been thinking about becoming a junior volunteer fireman so assuming he had gone through with it I asked if that was his fireman shirt. He seemed almost embarrassed to tell me that no, it was because he was top of his class at CiTi and so he got to wear the shirt. Wow! I had no idea. 

But I should have because he has been around lawn mowers, dirt bikes, snowmobiles, ATV’s and a host of other machines that he rode, broke, and fixed with his dad’s help. 

Next thing I know he has earned an internship at a local body shop that has turned into a full time job. This boy – er- this young man, is on fire! And we couldn’t be prouder.    

So what’s the point to all my bragging? Well, what’s the point of grandchildren if you can’t brag about them? 

Actually I want to brag about his high school graduation that occurred last week. It began as most somber ceremonies do with Pomp and Circumstance. The first time I ever heard that music was when my brother was graduating 8th grade and because he and I wouldn’t be in the same building again for two years my emotions ran from pride to deep sorrow. Now when I hear that music I almost immediately get weepy, and this day would be no different. 

It got a little worse when the Pledge of Allegiance was led by the students who had enlisted in the Armed Services, and I nearly lost it all together when the National Anthem was led by senior members of the Chamber Singers, of which my grandson was front and center. 

During all this, and probably because I needed something to distract me so I didn’t start blatting out loud, I noticed that two young men in front of me were wearing baseball caps – to a graduation ceremony. I decided to study them and see if they had been taught to remove said baseball caps when the Pledge of Allegiance started, and wondered if I’d be able to keep my mouth shut if they didn’t. Being as they were four rows ahead of me it was important for that answer to be yes on both counts. 

Such peace flowed through me as they each removed their caps, proving that respect and good parenting still existed. 

It just so happened that of the four seniors who gave speeches, I knew two of them. And I was amazingly proud of all four as they confidently spoke varying words of wisdom. I wish I could claim all of them as grandchildren, because grandchildren are made to be bragged about. 


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