Editor’s note: This week marks the end of the SUNY Oswego spring semester and the end of the tour of duty for our four outstanding newsroom interns: Isabella Arikian, Walker Wolfson, Leah Wolf and Evan Zimmer.  Below are reflections from Wolf, a West Monroe native and soon-to-be graduate. We wish our interns the very best in the future! Thank you for your hard work!

In the Spring 2019 semester I took a semester-long internship with The Palladium Times.

I worked in the newsroom, and pursued the newswriting track for my internship. This experience was incredibly rewarding and is just what an internship should be like, in my opinion.

While I started slow and gained experience, soon my editor had me doing all sorts of things that truly contributed to the newspaper beyond just posting stories online and on social media. I now have many published pieces, some of which even made the front page. Being given true responsibility gave me the confidence to reach for bigger and better things, which I am very thankful for.

The aspect of this internship that I appreciated the most was being trusted with my work. While every article that I read still went to my editor, that is standard practice for every reporter. I was allowed to go to events by myself and cover them as I see fit, something that I feel is not common in every internship. This goes for the social media too. Early into my time at the newspaper I was given access to all the social media accounts any basically told to go wild. Even beyond the big things, the day-to-day stuff was refreshing as well. I did not have an internship advisor breathing down my neck or watching my every move. I had true responsibility and was trusted with that, which truly enhanced my experience here. It was neat to be handed the phone and told to call or interview whoever, and knowing that they thought I could do the job well.

There is never a boring day at a local news office. I was always involved, and I got to see how a true newsroom works. Prior to this internship I had considered working in a newsroom like this somewhat of a last resort if my plans to go to a magazine did not work out. Now, I think a job like this is a viable option. Having experienced the pacing and the drama of a local newsroom I can say with confidence that every day is new and different. From covering accidents, to campus events or community events, every day has something new and exciting to write about.

I cannot say enough about this experience and the confidence I got from it. I would suggest this internship to anyone who is considering pursuing a journalism career, but it is useful for anyone as you get to see how your community works and get truly involved.

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