My husband makes great popcorn. Sometimes I really want it when he’s not here and have attempted it myself. The first time I tried it I used too much oil and you could taste it. It left a weird coating in my mouth, too.

The second time I tried it I used less oil and burnt it. There is nothing worse than burnt popcorn, so I threw it away and grabbed some chips.

The other day I made the perfect batch and grabbed the salt shaker but something wasn’t right. Yikes! I had grabbed the pepper. It made the popcorn taste hot in an interesting, fresh off the stove way but I hope I never do that again.

It reminded me of the time I was making a garlic pizza and sprinkled it with onion powder by mistake. The bottles were identical and I didn’t notice until I was putting things away. I scraped off as much as I could and sprinkled the right stuff but I don’t recommend doing that either. The onion powder is now kept on a higher shelf.

While we are on the subject of mistakes, a friend took me to a new pizza place. I noticed she had grabbed a soda. Normally I would have gotten water but that soda looked good. My problem was I couldn’t decide if I wanted a bottle or a can. I don’t drink much and a can is smaller so I should go with that but if I got the bottle I could reseal it, even though I wouldn’t drink it later anyway. I hemmed and hawed until she said “pick one already” and grabbed a can.

Did you know that Pepsi also makes a cherry soda, in practically the same color can? The only difference is tiny cherries here and there. I had grabbed cherry soda. I don’t like cherry soda. But I was stuck with cherry soda. Sigh.

There was the time I headed to KFC with a coupon for chicken and mashed potatoes with gravy. I told the guy about my coupon and he said, “What do you want for your side?” I wasn’t aware the coupon had a side dish but score one for the hubby. I told the guy I would take coleslaw. When I got home I had a bucket of chicken and a large container of coleslaw. No potatoes because that was what he meant when he said, “side.” I don’t like coleslaw. Arghh!

All my mistakes don’t revolve around food though. Once when I was paying bills I got adventurous and pulled two bills out of their mailing envelopes and started writing checks. (Usually I do one at a time.) Apparently I had gotten the envelopes mixed up and my address showed up in the mailing window and I mailed them back to myself.

But my biggest mistake lately was in using creative license in last week’s column. In order to avoid a long, boring paragraph I shortened it to one sentence — the wrong sentence, or wrong wording actually.

I said I share a dump sticker with my daughter. I don’t. We have our own dump sticker. Actually it’s a hauler permit or something like that because the hubby is a contractor. I’m still not sure what word I was looking for when I wrote it but I tend to leave things there until the right word or phrase comes along. Perhaps it should have been dump duties. What I meant was we both have dump privileges, but sometimes the hubby forgets to grab the one from my can and if it starts to smell in this kind of heat I take it to her house because her hubby will make quick work of it, whereas mine will be off fishing for a few days. To my way of thinking, what difference does it make if it goes on hers or mine?

Maybe it does, maybe it doesn’t. But one thing is for sure: sharing a dump sticker is against the rules. The powers that be have contacted me and I am doing my penance by publicly shaming myself.