Mike McCrobie's Oswego IQ Trivia Quiz: Round 2

Does this photo of a classic Oswego location jog your memory? If so, you might get a masterful score in Mike McCrobie’s latest installment of Oswego trivia.

Last October, we asked twenty trivia questions to test the Oswego IQ of readers. It was fun to write, and fun to read — it least for one local family.

I received an email from Christine and Dave Oleyourryk who asked for more. Apparently, they had some fun with family members of all ages. They wrote, “We would love for you to keep this trivia game going. It’s great for the paper and all the families of Oswego to even get their children involved.

The Oleyourryks went on to suggest questions from a variety of categories that would appeal to all age ranges.

I think the musical group The Kinks produced an ‘80s album titled, “Give the People What They Want,” so, in the spirit of that ‘80s rock band, here’s volume two of the Oswego IQ trivia challenge:

1. What was the name of Shapiro Park before it was named for former mayor Ralph Shapiro?

2. What was St. Francis Hall?

3. Vicki’s Restaurant was a popular local restaurant that was later re-named what?

4. What’s the sum if you add together the supermodified race car numbers of Oswego Speedway legends Jim Shampine, Steve Gioia, Jr, Joe Gosek, and Nolan Swift.?

5. During the infamous Blizzard of 1958, Oswego mayor Vince Corsall surveyed the snowfall throughout the city in what unique mode of transportation?

6. What Oswego native’s name is engraved on the NHL’s Stanley Cup?

7. Speaking of the Stanley Cup, the son of two other Oswego natives (HINT: Parents graduated from OHS in the mid ‘70s) also has his name on that hallowed trophy. Name the player and his parents.

8. Which OHS teacher would serenade students and faculty alike with his ukulele prior to every holiday or vacation via the school’s PA system?

9. What bank had a drive-thru branch in the parking lot of what used to be the Easy Bargain Center, then later Price Chopper on East Cayuga Street. (Now, it’s the location of the new Lakeview Center for Mental Health and Wellness.)

10. What was the name of the mobile ice cream franchise truck that sold frozen treats in Oswego in the ‘60s and ‘70s.

11. What was the SRO and where was it located?

12. The west side had a small 8-lane bowling alley at the DA Lodge, but what was the name of the larger bowling establishment on Route 104 East?

13. The home of the Oswego Players is a small theater located at Fort Ontario. What former OCSD educator is the theater named after?

14. When John and Charlotte Sullivan began Harborfest, it was customary during the opening ceremony for the emcee of the festivities to open the four-day festival with what four word phrase?

15. In the iconic statue of SUNY Oswego founder Edward Austin Sheldon, what is Sheldon holding in his hand?

16. What did Sammy Cutro, Irish Connelly, Jimmy Scandura, and Dom Pezzlo do for a living?

17. Name the ORIGINAL eight teams from Oswego Little League’s first year of 1956.

18. The Thunderbird was an eclectic gift shop located on West Second Street, but West First Street had a gift shop all its own. Name it. (HINT: It was located between Goldberg’s Furniture and Circle Supply.)

19. In a time before cash-back rewards and credit card incentive programs, Wayne’s Pharmacy offered what shopping incentive that could be redeemed in-store?

20. Where could Oswegonians purchase a “Lottaburger” in the ‘60s?

21. What west side neighborhood tavern was the unofficial home of the Oswego State Laker hockey team and fans?

Well, how did you do? Since some questions contain multiple answers, I’d say more than twenty correct would earn you a gold star on top of your paper!


Mike McCrobie is a retired Oswego High School English/Journalism teacher. His column appears in The Palladium-Times print edition every-other Tuesday. His two books, “We’re from Oswego” and “Our Oswego,” are currently available at The River’s End Bookstore and at amazon.com. Reach him at ouroswego@gmail.com or at mmccrobie@palltimes.com.



1. South Park

2. The gymnasium at Oswego Catholic (Bishop Cunningham) High School

3. The Char-Pit

4. 27

5. Dogsled

6. Erik Cole

7. Jimmy Howard (son of Jim Howard and Lynda Hilton Howard)

8. Mr. Bill Noun

9. Oswego County Savings Bank

10. Mr. Softee

11. A dance club/disco located at 104 East Bridge Street, now A&J Music.

12. The Pinarama

13. Frances Marion Brown

14. “Let the fun begin”

15. The statue of Sheldon instructing a small child depicts the founder holding a sphere, which was one of the objects that made up the tool kit of instructors in the Pestalozzian Method, which Sheldon popularized among American educators.

16. Oswego barbers

17. The original eight teams were divided into two divisions, American (east side) and National (west side). The National League consisted of Elks, K of C, Local 359 and Huron Cement. Comprising the American League was Oswego Speedway, Kingsford’s Pumps, Police, and Firemen.

18. Ange’s

19. Blue Stamps

20. The Jolly Giant

21. Barney’s

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