To the editor,

After publication of my article on the wreck of the schooner Hartford (March 17, 2020), many hae asked how many vessels were lost in Mexico Bay over the years. I’ve compiled a partial list; not all were total losses, many were salvaged.

Sources include newspaper accounts, reports of the U.S. Lifesaving Service (predecessor of the U.S. Coast Guard) and the recollection of Captain William A. Jenkins of Woodville. Jenkins, owner of the small coastal schooner Fiat, recalled in 1892:

“I have lost two vessels at the mouth of Sandy Creek. There have been about 50 vessels lost in Mexico Bay in about that number of years, and nearly one-half them at or within five miles each way of Big Sandy Creek. Many captains would never attempt to enter Oswego Harbor, and went ashore as they did, had there been a harbor at Sandy Creek.”

The time span of this list is 1814 to 1916:

Asp, Atlas, Medora, Fair American, E. A. Van Horne, Wood Duck, Lady of the Lake, Annie Moultan, Wolcott, Ann of Hamilton, Black Duck, Victory, William L. Marcy, Emery, Wellington, Neptune, Huron, Pidgeon, Halifax, Christiana, John Marshall, Hornet, Oriental, Sodus, North Star, Sampson, Sampson 2nd, Laurel, Mayflower, William Elgin, Cortez, Acacia,  Nellie Theresa, Europe, Cherry Will, E.A. Van Horne, H.A. Holmes, Julia, H.H. Sizer, Ariadne, Ocean Wave, Ainsworth,  Minnie Francis, Mary Stewart,  Mexico, steamer John E. Hall, John Hancock, Delaware, Bangor, Trade, Hartford, John Burt, Nellie Brown, sloop Cora, barge Arion,  sloop Spartan,  Mary Ann Lydon, steamboats America, Martha Ogden,  E. W. Rathbun, Indian Queen, Hinckley, MacTier,  Roberval, Helen Strong, Swan.

Richard Palmer


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