Debbie Hough

Contributing Columnist

My second born is nothing if not creative. She has overcome more difficulties than the average person is even allowed to have and does it with aplomb. Her latest feat: making a fourth bedroom in her small farmhouse because nobody was sleeping well with Henry occupying the other half of the master bedroom.

She was more than willing to give up her dining room for that purpose but was unwilling to put Henry downstairs by himself. Somehow she had to convince the 13-year-old to uproot himself, and eventually she did. There was a small room on the other side of the dining room (accessible only through the living room) that they used as an office. But by offering to put in a doorway between the new bedroom and the office, they could turn the office into a game room — a teenagers dream come true.

A small problem still to be overcome was that she would lose the dining room closet that she had repurposed as a pantry. As I said, she’s a clever girl and designed the dining room into one small part pantry and the rest a bedroom. But one would have to enter the bedroom by going into the living room and through the game room. It was certainly do-able.

So Daddy built the wall and made a really nice pantry, and cut open a doorway for gaming - and the move began. 

However, Sam’s double bed would not fit in the new room so he had to swap beds with Celia, who was tickled pink to get a bigger bed but reduced to tears when it didn’t fit in the same small space. Mommy knew she was just over tired and things would look better in the morning.

Henry, however, didn’t know what hit him. He couldn’t figure out what he’d done wrong to get kicked out of his digs and put into Sam’s old bedroom. He was also teething so there were a few rough nights there but now he loves his new toy-filled room. 

As they sadly took the dining room table apart to dispose of, Daddy — for kicks and giggles — set the table top down on the island in the kitchen…and it fit! By turning the island sideways they now have a table in the kitchen that they can all fit around at the same time. Score!

And last but not least, there was a snafu in the design plan that had gotten overlooked. The light switch to the former dining room/now bedroom was in the pantry portion of the remodel. In order for Sam to turn off his light he had to leave his room and make his way back. And Celia, who can be a stinker when she wants to be, often turned his light off on him just to hear him yell “Turn that back on!”

But Mommy had a plan. She already had Alexa in the kitchen, so she bought an echo dot for Sam’s room, complete with the matching light bulb. Now all Sam has to do is say “Alexa, turn off the light” and it goes off. 

Sam loved showing me his new room but asked me why I kept whispering. I told him I was worried that the NSA was listening in on our conversation. He laughed. I laughed. Alexa laughed.

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