I came across a post the other day that started with “Things that made my toddler cry this week”, which totally caught my eye because you know how much I love toddlers. Her list made me laugh.

1) I wouldn’t let the dog drive him to school.

2) The bath was “too wet”.

3) His sister keeps looking at him.

4) He wants shoes just like Jacob (there is no Jacob)                   

A few days later I happened upon a post of various little people bawling their eyes out for the following reasons:

1) I said good morning.

2) I told her she couldn’t wear dirty underwear on her head like a hat.

3) Her brother joined her for breakfast.

4) I wouldn’t let him bring a wrapped tampon he found in my purse to the store.

5) He doesn’t want to go…even though we repeatedly told him we aren’t going anywhere.

Aren’t little people a kick? I just love trying to figure them out. Henry has been an unusually good child — at least for me. His mother has a different opinion, especially when trying to bring him inside after playing in the yard. But I didn’t believe it because he is so sweet for me. I popped in one day as she was preparing to put him down for a nap and he heard me. He stood at the top of the stairs wanting me but unable to get to me so with his knees crouched and his little arms reaching out for me he said “help me … help me.” Isn’t that precious?

Another day, at his request for a “nana” I peeled and handed him one and because he was walking around I also handed him a washcloth and told him to wipe his hands off when he was done “because bananas are sticky.” He’s only two but why not teach them young, right? A few minutes later he was wiping his hands off on the washcloth and I thought again — what a great kid!

Three hours later he asked for another “nana” and I told him he’d already had a banana today. Remembering, he walked over to my rather pricey entertainment center and picked up the banana I had given him earlier.

Luckily it didn’t stain the wood. I’m catching on to the fact that he seems to like being able to communicate with us and doesn’t necessarily want the banana, he just wants us to know he knows what it is.

However, yesterday I had to watch him so his parents could go to lunch for their 20th anniversary. (Dinner was out because Celia had a soccer game.) After playing catch with Henry — with every ball he owns — for half an hour, he finally settled in to play with his trucks. Before I knew it, it was time to put him down for a nap. Guess what. For the first time ever, he didn’t wanna! 

He suddenly became this stranger who carried on and went limp as I tried to pick him up. It took five tries just to get the slippery eel to the stairs. Lucky for me he likes climbing the stairs (he just won’t come down them) but at the top he went full dead weight limp as a biscuit again and was growling at me.

I told his mother about it and how sad it made me because the look in his eyes made me afraid to close mine. But she says that’s what he’s been doing all week and not to take it personally.

Well it’s too late for that.


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