Henry came over the other day and with hat and coat still on, made himself at home with my toys. But he wasn’t staying and when told this he fell apart and ran all over the house trying to elude his mother while screaming “I stay!” In fact, every time his mother tells him to get his shoes on he says, “I go to Gramma’s house?” I just love that he loves being here.

And when she calls me on the phone he always insists on talking to me. He is polite, saying “Thank you Momma” when she hands him the phone – or anything else.

When he is at my house and I have to take him home for a nap, I keep the mirror on him and if his eyelids start fluttering I ask him if he can see any birds, or helicopters. Sometimes we just talk about the clouds. Anything to keep him awake so I don’t have to carry him up those dreadful high-stepping stairs to his crib.

One day I picked him up to take him to my house and he was particularly chatty. “Gramma, you see beeful trees?”

 “Yes, Henry, the trees are beautiful this time of year.” I was tickled pink, wondering how he came up with that sentence and pictured him hearing it from family members, which made me smile because children learn what they live. He must live well.

 “There’s enoffer one, and enoffer one, and enoffer one…” he said as we drove many miles down the tree lined road. I decided to stop commenting in hopes of discouraging this drawn out sentence and the quiet must have unnerved him.

“Gramma, do you see the baby heptockter?” he asked as he studied the sky. I laughed out loud because he was using my helicopter trick on me, lest his driver fall asleep.

One day while playing he said “I luff Halloween!” (With a strong emphasis on luff.)

“Why is that?”

“I luff Halloween!”

“But what do you love about it?”

“I luff Halloween.”

Alrighty then. Apparently he loves saying it and that’s all there is to it. It reminded me of when his brother loved to say chartreuse.

However, the following week Henry came up with a different chant. A new eatery was opening up and his mother was quite excited about it. His response: “I don’t like Taco Bell.” (emphasis on like) He had no reasoning behind it, just seemed to like stringing the sentence together. Repeatedly.

So when I read about the grand opening I texted my daughter. “Taco Bell opens Wednesday but ‘I don’t like Taco Bell’ either so Henry and I will just drop you off and eat elsewhere.” (hahaha)

He is a delight, and he is two, so he can do no wrong in my eyes.

Well, except for the day I was doing dishes at his house and he said “Alexa, play Baby Shark” – that annoying song that sticks in your head. I said “Alexa, don’t you dare!”

Luckily she listened to me.

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