I am not one to take feeling tired lying down so I finally made some phone calls. I’d been putting off getting bloodwork done because with my new insurance I didn’t know how expensive this would get and prying me away from my money has never been in anyone’s best interest. My insurance guy said it would be $2. You gotta love having an insurance guy, especially when you’re too lazy to read the fine print yourself.  I called the doctor and set up an appointment.

This lethargy can only be one of three things: my thyroid levels are off, I’m suffering from ennui because of isolation, or I’m dying. It’s very possible I’m doing all three because I tend to be an over-achiever by nature. I’m betting most of my money on the isolation observation.

Why? Because last week, after dinner, my sister texted me. “Would you like some company tonight?”

“YES!” (Note the capital letters.)

“I’ll be right over.”

I spit polished the house in record time and went out on the porch to wait for her. “So this is what the outdoors is like,” I mused. And I think my heart actually skipped a beat when I heard a car pulling in. Wait. What? That’s not my sister, that’s my daughter and she was pulling Henry out of the car. “I needed to get out of the house, Mom. We both did,” she said as she pulled out a lawn chair and sat down. Henry happily ran for the toys and began “mowing my lawn.”

Just then my sister pulled in so I grabbed more chairs and spaced them the required 6’ apart.

“I needed to get out of the house,” she said as she took a seat.

“There’s a lot of that going around,” I giggled. And for the first time in a long while I was truly happy — all the way to my toes. I felt honored that they both needed a change of scenery and chose my house to do it.

A few days later I was dragging my tail again. Then I read an article in Readers Digest saying that we need to get out in the sun more. It’s our best source of vitamin D and we need copious amounts of that for a whole host of reasons. Without it we risk such things as cancer, obesity, depression, cognitive impairment and – wait for it – autoimmune conditions. Well those summed me up in nutshell. I pretty much ran outside.

But what to do, what to do? It was hot. I tried to ignore it. I just needed 10 to 30 minutes a day – depending on how much skin I had showing, and no sunscreen. Aha, the bushes needed trimming. It’s a big job but if I do a little each day I’ll be healthy as a horse. Well, the over-achiever in me got the better of me. I did the entire length of bushes, right then and there. I was so focused on the sun healing me that I just kept going.

The next day I couldn’t use my arms. I couldn’t have even pushed a cobweb out of my face. I went outside anyway, sat in a chair and absorbed my vitamin D while picturing it sizzling my autoimmune issues into an early grave.

When Trish brought the kids over again I played Frisbee with them. I’d forgotten how good it feels to fling that thing (and how bad I am at catching it.)  I played croquet with Celia. She calls it the hammer game because apparently croquet is a hard word to remember if you don’t crochet. As I raced around the course (because I’m really good at croquet) I drank in the rays and told my cognitive impairment to take a hike.

On another day I forced myself to clean my car and then swept the driveway while daring cancer to show its ugly face near my vitamin D rich body. Depression had better back off.

So I don’t know if it’s the sunshine or the fact that I’m actually exerting myself, but when I’m out there doing it I feel better.

I still need to find out what the doctor says once he checks my bloodwork. I’ve got my fingers crossed he figures me out because I can’t stay outside all day.

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