When it comes to secrets, I’m not particularly good. Unless someone specifies that it is to remain top secret, you can bet I’ll tell someone just to get it off my chest. I usually choose my BF who lives very far away and has the memory of a peanut. The secret will remain safe there.

Last month I was on the phone with my son when he shared a secret. It was the top secret type that I couldn’t share with anyone until after Labor Day. That was three weeks away! As much as I wanted what he was telling me to be true, I was skeptical because my son is a practical joker. I thought perhaps he was either teasing me or testing me. That he would contact his sisters every day to see if I broke yet.

I would not give in. And I did really well until the Hubby came home. I kept opening my mouth and then shutting it again. I struggled because keeping something from your spouse feels like a lie and every day I sat across from him at the breakfast table I could feel the lie getting bigger. Other times I got smug about it — quite proud that I had so far gone a whole week without telling anyone.

I thought I was going to burst wide open if I didn’t share this with somebody soon — but who? I ran the list of friends over in my head that would be both excited and secretive, but I couldn’t do it. I couldn’t risk jinxing things and having the deal come undone. So I clamped my mouth shut. Sort of.

I remember being at a family gathering, off to one side and singing low enough to not necessarily be heard but loud enough to feel free of things. It was part of a Beatles song that went, “I’ve known a secret for a week or two, nobody knows, just meeeeeee..” Yeah I had to stop because I couldn’t rhyme it. Still, I snickered under my breath because I had basically told them something without them knowing it. I’ve got to find a new therapist.

Two weeks in I was on the phone with my sister and thought I couldn’t take it anymore. I opened my mouth, remembered the jinxing and only said that I had a secret that I couldn’t tell her until after Aidan’s birthday. Aidan was born on Labor Day and I figured that would make her think the secret was about Aidan and not Jeremy. But at least now I had someone who could verify that I knew a secret, and kept it — more or less.

The very next night Jeremy Face timed me. He told me I didn’t have to keep the secret anymore. Oh, no! I was mortified that I must have jinxed things by telling just that little bit. But he was smiling and showing me a picture — of a sonogram. The doctor said everything looked good to go so we could talk about it.

Yep. I’m getting another grandchild! And it will likely be the last one. So now you know why I was bursting at the seams to share this!

Jeremy said he was going to call his sisters personally, but that I could tell anyone else. So I’m telling EVERYONE else — while doing my happy dance.

An hour or so after his call, I had received a text from daughter number one. It was a gif of Dwight from The Office clapping his hands and she wrote how impressed and appreciative she was that I had kept the secret.

The next morning daughter number two wrote pretty much the same thing in an email. I guess my reputation precedes me when it comes to secrets. Especially ones about babies.

Now how do I wait until April without going full on batty?


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