Did I ever tell you we went to Disney World once? We had always wanted to take the kids but with the hubby being in construction and the kids in school, it just wasn’t working out. We thought we’d try going during a spring break one year but the hubby threw a monkey wrench into that. 

Apparently there was a house up for tax sale and on a lark (meaning he never discussed it with me) put a bid of $20,000 on this house. I think his plan was to fix it up and resell it if anyone took his bid seriously, which he highly doubted. 

Here’s the fun part. While it was an extremely low bid, it was also the only bid and suddenly we were not going to Disney World. Instead we spent the year remodeling it, and became landlords. 

I spent that year socking money away but by spring it still wasn’t enough so I socked away more. By now our oldest was 16 and time was wasting. By November we finally had $2,000 to play with and hopped in the car the day after Christmas. 

December in Florida is very confusing. Sure, it’s December so it has a right to be cold, but it was also Florida so probably not. It turns out that standing in line for rides midday was so warm I nearly passed out, and the night air hit you like an ice cold wall. I was so cold my nose could cut glass. 

I remember that first day at Universal Studios when I hopped off a short boat ride and found a $20 bill lying on the ground. I held onto it, waiting to hear the wail of a child when they realized they had lost it, but by sundown I was handing it over to the woman selling sweatshirts. 

I also recall my kids begging to go on Space Mountain. I asked what it was and they weren’t sure. I said as long as it’s not a roller coaster I’ll go and the hubby said “Oh, it’s not a roller coaster.” Guess what. It was a roller coaster — and I was all kinds of messed up by the time we got off. 

They got me again in Back to the Future where you sat in chairs while the screen and the floor made you think you were moving. I couldn’t believe I was paying big bucks for this kind of ‘fun’. 

And speaking of big bucks, we were told we could get free tickets to get into one of the parks if we agreed to listen to a time share spiel. We figured why not. Let me tell you why not. They are trying to sell you on it and they mean business. It went on for hours and my children were getting very impatient and I was trying to please everybody. My little guy started crying so I took him for a walk around the hotel lobby where the meeting was being held and the guy who was trying to dazzle my husband told me I was being rude. 

That’s all we had to hear. We stood up, wrangled our tickets out of his hands and left. It was not worth the money we saved or the time we wasted. (His or ours.)

 But the rest of the trip was great. I rode a bike through the sky with ET, watched fireworks in Magic Kingdom, and sang along with Michael Jackson to Thriller. 

That was 25 years ago, and I remember it like it was yesterday. The hubby said we’d go back by ourselves someday but we never made the time. Now we might have to because our granddaughter has secured a job there. 



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