“Hello, my name is Debbie and I am pro Harry and Meghan.”

Sorry, I can’t help how I feel. And after reading “Finding Freedom,” I now know all the truths behind the lies and my heart bleeds for them. No one will change my mind. 

Then, for lack of anything else, I started watching “The Crown” while on the treadmill. Wow! I mean on one hand I’m totally drooling over getting an inside look at what goes on inside Buckingham Palace, and on the other hand I’m watching with one eye closed because I know its only loosely based on reality.

I don’t appreciate historical fiction because given my need to share my new found knowledge I’ll go spouting off “facts” that were mere conjectures when they were writing the script. If I ever get into it with a true historian I’m going to fall flat on my face. Therefore after particular episodes, I’d run to the computer to fact check. Sometimes I have to read with tongue in cheek because not everything on the internet is always true either.

I found the “Great Fog” very interesting — and did Winston Churchill’s young secretary really die in the fog? My fact checking says it was assumed, given the date of her death. Winston himself was quite interesting. I didn’t know he painted, nor that he lost a child named Marigold, and I wouldn’t have known any of it if not for “The Crown.”

I was totally shaken by the episode that depicted a mine disaster in Aberfan that killed 116 children and half as many adults. I raced to the computer hoping for fiction and was nearly sent to my knees when I found a documentary confirming it.

How did I not know this?

Was it because I was only 11 years old at the time? Or maybe because it happened in Wales, and news wasn’t everywhere then like it is today? Was it because history bored me in school?

And how is it that I’m so thirsty for it now?

I’ve been intrigued by “The Crown” from the get-go. I had no idea they knew how to remove lungs way back when King George was serving, and stymied that no one had yet put together the idea that sucking smoke into their lungs might cause problems down the road. I guess they figured that out by the time Princess Margaret had her surgery, because she said she was going to quit smoking.

I also saw the eerie coincidence of King David stepping away from it all to be with the woman he loved. Funny how he got away with it but Harry and Meghan are being burned at the stake for it.

The very moment that I was watching the episode of Prince Phillip as a young boy being sent off to boarding school, my husband walked in to tell me Prince Phillip had just died. That really messed with my head.

But not near as much as the episode where Phillip’s father was murdered, along with his new family. I’d never heard about that before either.

And what is up with this Margaret Thatcher? Did the real one talk like that because this actress looks and sounds as if she has recently recovered from a stroke. I couldn’t find a video other than a trailer for “The Iron Lady,” starring Meryl Streep.

Of course trying to understand what any of them are saying has had me swiping backward yelling “What?” Between the accent and the different word usage — I gotta tell ya — some of it went over my head.

Finally I came upon “Charles and Diana.” What a mess! He was depicted as impossibly immature, yet criticized her for being the very same. She had youth on her side, what’s his excuse? Was he really that bad?

I don’t like how they portrayed Diana either, even though the facts support most of it. Here they make it seem like it was her ego that drove her, whereas I always believed it was her heart. I think I’ll keep believing that.

And then — it stopped. Just like that I came to the end of season four and there was no more. I felt like I had just been booted out of the palace. In doing my research I see that there will be a season five but I will have to wait for it, and then watch it one week at a time like a commoner.

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