What fun we've had celebrating National Poetry Month on our Facebook page. We've had live videos and readings, writing exercises and more from our very own Jess Tetro and Krissy Cook. What fun awaits us in May?

I've recently discovered a wonderful calendar that covers a variety of "Day Of" celebrations to carry us through the year. It's amazing some of the things that get their own day of recognition each year and there is rarely a day without an acknowledgment of some kind.

We just celebrated "Talk like Shakespeare Day" this past week. Did you brush up on your Early Modern English dialect? No, me either! I think it's my native Texas twang that gets in my way! Just haven't conquered it.

It's interesting to look at what's next on the calendar and see what spontaneous fun we can plan. Of course there is a special food day almost every day. There's common ones like Apple Pie Day and Cherry Cobbler Day, Buttermilk Biscuit Day and of course, Chocolate Chip Day.

But what about Roast Leg of Lamb Day? I can't begin to imagine what prompted a day to celebrate Roasted Leg of Lamb? Apparently there is no official sponsor of the day in case you're interested. Search it or any food you're interested in and you can probably find something to latch on to.

With so many food options to choose from in May it is nice there is also a "No Dirty Dishes Day" and in case your favorite food isn't there you're covered by the "Eat what you want Day".

There are other noteworthy celebrations covering health issues, weather patterns, a variety of professions and weird careers and pastimes such as "Take your parents to the Playground Day".

We can also focus on the arts related themes such as Creativity Day or Tap Dance Day — even "Dance like a Chicken Day" if that suits your dance style better!

Whatever your particular interests are there is surely something to entice you to spontaneous fun, or at least non-guilty indulgence! Or consider the list of "Month Of" options with everything from "International Drum Month" to "Correct your posture Month.”

We have the calendar posted on our website to browse. Pick a day and exercise your imagination. We'll be choosing some throughout the month just for fun and to keep us all connected.

Here's hoping we'll be back together soon! Keep remembering to imagine the best is yet to be!

Visit CNYArtsCenter.com for more information about us and our Facebook page for all the poetry videos you might have missed

Stay well!

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