Bundle of Woe

Last January, a fat quarter fabric bundle was being advertised for sale from a place in Texas. It was a pre-order that wouldn’t be available until May (sigh).

The fabric design was like brush strokes on fall-ish colors and I loved it. So did my sister. But it was expensive! We talked about going halfsies and she would take the certain colors that caught her eye, but what if they were the same ones I liked? Since I liked them all I got selfish and ordered it for me.  

Weeks went by. I kept seeing the same ad for this and realized I never got a confirmation email so I contacted the company and they said they did not get my order. I ordered it again, hoping I wouldn’t be paying for two. This time I got a confirmation.

At the end of February, I saw that this company had charged my credit card already. It annoyed me because I’m old and cranky now, and I’m suspicious. I would be keeping my eye on this.

So naturally on the first day of May I sent an email asking them when I could expect my scrumptious fabric. See? I was being sweet while at the same time letting them know I was watching and waiting. A woman wrote back that it would be available either May or June and the company would contact her when it was ready to be shipped, which they hadn’t done yet. I was advised to wait.

I don’t like waiting. And because I’m suspicious by nature, I worried that I wasn’t going to be seeing any fabric or be able to get my money back if a certain amount of time went by. Is that a thing? I don’t know but I worried about it anyway.

So with very little of June left, I once again emailed the woman to see how things were looking. She said they hadn’t heard anything yet and to just be patient. Argghhh. She also said I could have my money back if I wanted it. I weighed the options and agreed to wait a little longer. I really wanted the fabric, and even more I really wanted confirmation that I wasn’t being ripped off.

Two more weeks went by (that’s 14 days of checking the mail and the front porch with all the hope and expectation of Christmas) and I decided I wanted to speak to a human so I called the number at the bottom of the earlier emails. I got the same woman I had been emailing. The word scam was racing through my head. She assured me everything was on the up and up and I could still get my money back, but she would not agree to call the folks at the warehouse, or anyone, to see what the situation was. How rude. What if they didn’t get my order, or for that matter, anyone else’s order who wanted it and that’s why it wasn’t forthcoming?

If I worked there and had someone nagging me like I was nagging her you can bet I’d be all over that warehouse. I’d even call the designer! (I almost did anyway). I agreed to wait a little longer but knew that if I hadn’t gotten anywhere by October I would cancel it. Or maybe I would ask them to refund my money just until it shipped — then they could take it out again. That would make me feel a lot better. But I also might lose out on the fabric altogether and I had already purchased the pattern I was going to use. I continued to wait and suffer.

Because I was frustrated, I complained on FB hoping someone out there had the urge to dig deeply. A woman offered to help. She Googled it and sent me sites to check out. She liked it enough to buy one for herself. When I checked into it, it was not the same bundle. My bundle was all brush strokes and the other bundle that was readily available had only half of the fabrics with brush strokes. The other half was just random busy fabrics that matched them.

More weeks went by with more what ifs rattling around in the old noggin. Then out of the blue I got an email saying it was being shipped, and four days later it was in my mailbox. Finally!

I feel so silly now.