After the holidays I was strolling through Ollies and noted that they had a slew of bedspreads. Ooh I’ve been meaning to update the guest room for quite a while now. When we got rid of that double bed a few years ago, the quilt I had made specifically for that yellow room was now too small for the queen bed we put in there. I gave the quilt to the sister who stayed over a lot —and admired it very much. I only had enough oomph at that time to go into the attic and pull out an old purple comforter. While purple wasn’t my color of choice anymore, the comforter was scrumptiously warm so I never got rid of it.

But here in Ollies my eyes were starlit as I perused the aisles looking for the perfect set — but it wasn’t there. A fire was lit within me though so I headed over to Big Lots. No luck. TJ Maxx, Penneys, Walmart — nada. It dawned on me that the problem wasn’t so much the bedspreads as it was the fact that the room was yellow and apparently yellow wasn’t in this year. A new idea hit me — if I paint the room and off white I can pick any one of these I want. 

Picking the right shade of off white paint was exhausting. Do you know how many choices there are? In hindsight I ended up picking the wrong one, as I wanted something duskier — along the gray line, but I had needed the hubby’s help to paint the room and I was too scared to ask him to do it all over again a few shades darker. The paint job itself looks great. But it also looks white.

I shrugged it off and headed back to Ollies and chose a white comforter with flowers on it. It would match the wall hanging I got for Christmas very nicely. I was so excited to put it on the bed — but once I did I tore it right back off again. It was so cheaply made that it wasn’t even quilted. After a washing it would become one big flowered snowball. And the pillow shams? They were more like pillow cases. I couldn’t take it back to the store fast enough.

I decided to go on line and eventually found something that looked promising on Wayfair. It was brightly colored, almost Aztec like, yet had the colors I was looking for. I put it on the bed, stood back to get a feel for it and yanked it right back off. Again, the quality was not up to par and I’m not a wild and crazy kind of girl so it was going back. Luckily I saved all the packaging. I wasted no time folding it up but it took me forever to squeeze it into the zippered bag and still have it look presentable. Zippering it closed was equally frustrating. 

But getting it back into the shipping box was ridiculous! I don’t know how they did it. I actually had to lie on the box to get the flaps to come together but I also found it impossible to tape it shut from that position. What to do, what to do? The hubby came to my rescue by cramming it closed while I taped. 

Funny thing though … I had not contacted Wayfair to see if I was allowed to return it, being as I had ordered it a month ago. The bed was in use at the time and I wasn’t going to put it on until the guest left. I was in luck. They sent me a shipping label to print out, and rudely deducted a $10 re-shipping fee from my return. (Sigh) I peeled off the old label and taped down the new one and set the box by the door. For reasons I may never know, instead of heading right out to mail it I went back up to the bedroom to finish straightening up. I couldn’t believe what I came across — the matching pillow shams to that comforter! 

That’s right. I had to cut that box open and start all over again. It really chafed my chaps.

Overwhelming frustration for the remodel almost caused me to give up. But then a thought occurred to me. I’m a quilter! Why was I not creating the perfect, well made, exactly what I want cover for this bed? 

Probably because I don’t know what I want … but I’m on it now.

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