Gail Ingersoll

Gail Ingersoll

Are you looking for something

Each day, week and year?

Do you wish for a better place

Somewhere out there?


A place to escape and relax for a time;

Well, I know a place…

It’s that hometown of mine!


A picturesque small town

All tucked away;

When you go there to visit

You’ll just want to stay.


You won’t find factories

Or smoke-filled air.

No bustle or byways,

You can walk everywhere.


Streets with wide sidewalks

All lovely tree lined.

Pretty houses with porches

To sooth your mind.


White billowing sails

On a Great Lake so blue.

A wide lovely river

It’s a picture book view.


So many grand parks

To sit at your ease;

Many restaurants and ships

To go as you please.


It’s hard to say

Which one is best:

For me, I like Alex’s

On the East river crest.


Stones homemade candy,

A certain must stop.

Sidewalk cafes,

To sit while you shop.


Bakeries and tea shops

Coffee shops too

What are you waiting for?

It’s all here for you.


The locals best secret

They say couldn’t be finer

Meeting each morning

At Wade’s east side diner.


For Lakeside enjoyment

On the top of your list,

Is Rudy’s at the Loop

For hots, coneys and fish.


If you like history

This is certainly the town

From the time of the Iroquois

When this city was found.


Oh, the history is plentiful

There couldn’t be more.

All the flags o’re the fort,

Tell of each war


Known as Safe Haven

During Holocaust years

Refugees found freedom

In Fort Ontario here.


A children’s Museum

If you’ve young one in tow.

There’s also a water park

They’d love that, I know.


From the past to the present,

Castles, forts, barges, sails

Rails, trolley’s and steamships,

Lazy horse trails


A fisherman’s paradise

A photographer’s dream

An artist’s most treasure,

Relax and daydream


A city of colours

Earth, sea and sky;

So many cultures

Of every kind


Oswego’s the place

If you’re looking for pleasure,

You’ll find it all here

It is certainly a treasure


Look no further,

Wish no more

Oswego is here for you,

What are you waiting for?


Copywrite 2020

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