My Mother’s Day memories consist of little people handing me homemade cards with my likeness paired with cakes, cats and other personal loves. What I adored most were those little hands, having been led by their innocent hearts to create a gift for me. 

As they got older I was treated to breakfasts in bed, coupon books for chores, and blind folded walks outdoors for my latest tree, shrub or rosebush.

Then they moved out, got married, became parents themselves, but I could still count on them popping in to visit on this particular occasion. Though not this Mother’s Day. Not even one of them.

Frankly, with the world being what it is right now I tend to lose all track of time and this particular day seemed far off yet. So I was quite surprised when daughter number two called on the Friday before and asked if she could take me to lunch and clothes shopping at Destiny on Saturday because her kids had special plans for her on Sunday. 

Well, that sounded nice. I was going to get some one-on-one time with her and feel special at the same time. Which I did — right up until Celia got in the car. I love my granddaughter, there is no doubting that but I knew I was about to take second place here — which was only because I stepped back and made her first. 

I happily followed her to her favorite stores, helped her choose clothes, and even bought them for her. (She has a birthday coming up) In return I received her company, her smiles, and her laughter. We had a really good time. In fact we were having so much fun that on the way home I missed the exit to 481 and ended up in Central Square. 

I was home by 3:30 and no sooner put my feet up when my first born called. She wanted to come by right then because her kids had big plans for her on Sunday. I un-propped my feet and welcomed her visit. 

While I was jealous that my both of my daughters had children who were all old enough to make their mother’s day super special, I enjoyed the fact that my daughters each took the time to make me feel special, even if it was a day early. My son merely sent me a short text. 

I know…I shouldn’t have let him get away with that but we had just spent an hour on the phone a few days previous, and his house has been turned upside down with the birth of my new granddaughter and all the company staying there to help with her arrival. 

And that is how I came to spend Mother’s Day pretty much all by myself, up in the sewing room with a Mother’s Day poem from a lifetime ago playing in my head: 

“Mother, I need help with my homework”

“Mother, please hem my dress”

“Mother, make us some popcorn”

“Mother, my room’s such a mess.”

My mother’s Day wish is quite simple

No flowers or cards on display

If this mother’s wish would be granted

I wouldn’t hear ‘Mother’ all day.

A lifetime ago I yearned for a day like this, and here I was living the dream.