GRANBY, Quebec — Larry Wight captured the checkered flag in Friday’s Super DIRTcar Series feature at Autodrome Granby in Quebec.

Wight held off series points leader Matt Sheppard and Gypsum Racing teammate Billy Decker to claim the $7,500 top prize.

The trio raced wheel-to-wheel for 100 laps, battling for the lead almost non-stop. In the end, Wight won on the top side while Sheppard took the bottom and due to a flat left front tire lost second to Mat Williamson.

Phoenix’s Wight started on the outside pole and battled with Ryan Godown, Decker, and Sheppard in the race.

Wight’s No. 99L was fast off the trailer. “We had a really good car all night,” said Wight. “I thought maybe about halfway through the race we hadn’t tightened up enough or the track was going away faster than we thought. But the right rear Hoosier finally started working a little bit. It paid off to ride around on the bottom for the first half of the race and try and save that thing a little bit.”

Sheppard finished the final 15-20 laps with a flat left front tire. He still put up a titanic fight for the lead.

“He clipped the wall and I clipped the wall around lap 20, but mine stayed up, thankfully. It was a great race. Our car was free enough to run that top and keep it straight so we were able to get by him,” Wight said.

Williamson drove the No. 6 to the top, where only Wight, Decker, and a few others dared put their cars on the monstrous five-eighths of a mile speedway. That proved to be the difference for Williamson as he used that line to get around Sheppard for second.

“I think we had the best car here tonight. We just didn’t have the best driver,” said Sheppard. “I clipped the wall a little bit in turns 3 and 4 and it was enough to flatten it. At one point I actually got the lead back with it flat and I just couldn’t hold on long enough. I’m thankful it happened as close to the end as it did, and I’m thankful we could hold on for third.”

Finish, top 15 (100 laps): 1. Larry Wight (99L), 2. Mat Williamson (6m), 3. Matt Sheppard (9s), 4. Billy Decker (91), 5. Jimmy Phelps (98H), 6. Erick Rudolph (25), 7. Steve Bernard (54), 8. Ryan Godown (26), 9. David Hebert (ONE), 10. Danny Johnson (27J), 11. Francois Bernier (49), 12. Carey Terrance (66X), 13. Yan Bussiere (21), 14. Jack Lehner (2L), 15. Sabastien Gougeon (44g).

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