Top 3 finishers

Pictured are the top three finishers from Sunday’s Super DIRTcar Series race at Weedsport Speedway. From left are third-place finisher Larry Wight, winner Matt Sheppard, and runner-up Danny Johnson.

WEEDSPORT — Matt Sheppard beat out Super DIRTcar Series rivals Danny Johnson and Larry Wight in a three-car battle to win Sunday’s 100-lap feature at Weedsport Speedway.

Once Sheppard put his No. 9s car in front, he dominated the rest of the way.

Danny Johnson led much of the first half of the race. Johnson and Wight battled wheel-to-wheel in the waning laps, but Johnson edged out at the finish.

For the eighth time in 2019, Sheppard climbed atop his Big-Block Modified to celebrate a Super DIRTcar Series victory. He is pulling away from Erick Rudolph and Mat Williamson in the series point standings as the season winds down.

Sheppard, who won the $7,500 first-place prize, said the victory did not come easily.

“It got pretty wild there,” he said. “I got rolling on the bottom and Danny was caught in the middle. I think we were trying to lap Jimmy (Phelps) and he couldn’t get by him and I couldn’t get by Jimmy. We were jammed up for a long time. Then all of a sudden here comes Larry around the outside of all of us.”

Sheppard retook the lead from Wight shortly thereafter.

“We were fortunate to get through that mess of lap cars out in front. Then after the yellow I figured I’d better go back to the top because if anybody’s going to drive around me it’s Larry Wight,” said Sheppard.

Rain moved through the area in the morning of the race. That appeared to have created a much different set of track conditions than the drivers expected.

“The top surprised me a little bit. I had thought the top was going away and I was glued to the bottom. Then I found a little something at the top of (turns) one and two. Larry showed us the line up there. I was quite surprised had the end of the race to be running the top instead of the bottom,” Sheppard said.

Johnson was the early leader until Sheppard and Wight pounced.

“Matt has been good all year. You’ve got to give credit where credit is due,” Johnson said. “We ran a good race and just needed to be a little bit better.”

Wight made an incredible pass for the lead when he used the top side to get by leaders Johnson and Sheppard. But Sheppard and Johnson battled back in the thick of lapped traffic.

Sheppard managed to overtake Wight, and then the caution flag came out a few laps later. From there it was difficult to get the jump on Sheppard, and Wight was forced to settle for third place.

Billy Decker finished fourth, and Williamson was fifth.

Demetrios Drellos took his second Billy Whittaker Cars Fast-Time Award of 2019. Drellos raced hard in the top 10 all race long and was rewarded with a solid seventh-place finish.

The next Super DIRTcar Series race will be at Autodrome Granby on Friday, Sept. 6.

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Feature finish (100 laps): 1. Matt Sheppard (9s), 2. Danny Johnson (27J), 3. Larry Wight (99L), 4. Billy Decker (91), 5. Mat Williamson (88), 6. Chris Hile (5H), 7. Demetrios Drellos (111), 8. Tim Sears (83X), 9. Max McLaughlin (6H), 10. Erick Rudolph (25), 11. Tim Fuller (19), 12. Jimmy Phelps (98H), 13. Mike Mahaney (35), 14. Danny Varin (93), 15. Pat Ward (42P), 16. Peter Britten (21A), 17. Ryan Godown (26), 18. Anthony Perrego (18), 19. Rusty Smith (R2), 20. Alan Johnson (14J), 21. Rob Bellinger (11R), 22. Ron Davis III (32R), 23. Todd Root (15), 24. Jack Lehner (2L), 25. Dave Marcuccilli (M1), 26. Paul St. Sauveur (37), 27. Justin Haers (3), 28. Gary Tomkins (121), 29. Tyler Trump (9X). 

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