Seth Perrin (far right) stands in Victory Lane with his team after winning $500 and the Fall Frenzy 100 on Friday at Oswego Kartway.

OSWEGO — The running of the Fall Frenzy 100 at Oswego Kartway under a full moon sky on Friday the 13th provided an unpredictable evening of action, which saw Oswego’s Seth Perrin survive a 59-minute main event for the win with no fuel left in the tank of his No. 01 machine.

Perrin, who made the 100-lap main event by virtue of a track provisional, started 17th on the grid and inherited the lead with only six laps remaining after leaders Devon Tonkin and Dan Kapuscinski tangled for the lead and Chris Natoli ran out of fuel.

From there, Perrin built a comfortable lead over the final six laps before running out of fuel himself on the final lap, but managed to coast home for the win worth more than $500 for his biggest career victory at Oswego Kartway.

Natoli, who ran out of fuel while leading under caution with six laps remaining, managed to charge back through the field for the runner-up position after pitting for fuel. Robert Stevens, David Hackett Jr. and Tonkin rounded out top five.

Dan Marsden set the fastest time in time trials, earning $100 in memory of James Shutts and the pole position. Starting behind Marsden at the drop of the green were Kyle Weeks, Ryan Kendall, Hackett and Kapuscinski.

Countless cautions at the beginning of the event changed the order numerous times before even one lap could be completed, but it would eventually be Marsden leading out front early on in the No. 181.

As the race progressed it was clear that being in the lead was not the place to be, as Marsden spun out front while working a lapped kart before the halfway point of the race.

Tonkin would inherit the lead in the No. 15 with Natoli riding second, as Kapuscinski was working his way back from 17th after an incident on the race’s first lap.

Kapuscinski worked by Natoli for second and gave chase to Tonkin out front as the crossed flags waved at lap 50. With 54 laps in the books, Kapuscinski made his bid for the lead into turn three on Tonkin, but caught the inside just enough to cause Tonkin to spin, which sent both karts to the rear of the field.

With just under 50-laps remaining, Natoli was now the leader.

As the race pushed on Natoli led Marsden and Caleb Colloca at the front of the field with Tonkin and Kapuscinski linked up and making moves to get back to the top five.

As the race passed 25 laps to go the three frontrunners collided, sending Natoli and Colloca to the rear, with Marsden pulling pit side. With 23 laps remaining Tonkin and Kapuscinski once again found them at the lead, right where they were at lap 54.

Tonkin and Kapuscinski raced out front over the course of the next 20 laps, with Natoli working back to third place yet again. With five laps to go, Kapuscinski tried for the lead for the second time on the night on Tonkin.

As the duo approached the starter’s stand, Kapuscinski had the inside line, but the pair touched sending both to the infield for the second time during the night.

Natoli was now back to the lead with six laps remaining, over Perrin, who had cautiously stayed clean all night and now found himself in second. However, for the fifth time on the night, the leader was snakebit. 

While riding under caution, Natoli’s kart ran out of fuel, handing the lead over to Perrin at lap 94.

Perrin hoped to break the curse and hold onto the lead for the final six laps. Despite fates attempting to steal the win away, Perrin was able to roll under the checkered flag for the win to pocket the $500 cash prize.

Natoli, Stevens, Hackett, Tonkin and Rick Criaulli were the top six finishes and the only drivers to finish the full 100-lap distance. Chance Weaver, Kapuscinski, Russ Crisafulli and Colloca were officially in the top 10.

Natoli won the night’s B-Main to gain entry into the field with Tonkin, Jeremy Tuttle and Doug Stearly also advancing through to the A-Main. Perrin was the night’s hard charger, picking up an extra $50 in memory of James Shutts. Logan Crisafulli was the winner of the night’s Fall Brawl 50 main event over TJ Clayton and Gary Miles, earning a $50 gift certificate from Performance Manufacturing.

Other support division wins went to Chad Jacobson (Masters), Ryan Hall (Super Heavy), Callen Cleary (Jr. Green), Logan Abbott (Jr. Unrestricted), Seth Whitney (Sr. Blue), Connor Parsons (Sr. Green), Natoli (State Clone Heavy) and Kapuscinski (State Clone Light).   

Oswego Kartway results (Friday, Sept. 13)

Fall Frenzy 100 Time Trials (Top 10): 1. Dan Marsden, 8.681; 2. Kyle Weeks, 8.672; 3. Ryan Kendall, 8.697; 4. David Hackett Jr., 8.7; 5. Dan Kapuscinski, 8.709; 6. Madison Myers, 8.713, 7. Caleb Colloca, 8.718, 8. Zach Mooney, 8.730; 9. Russ Crisafulli, 8.734; 10. Robert Stevens, 8.743.

PRO Clone 360 Fall Frenzy 100: 1. Seth Perrin ($500); 2. Chris Natoli ($300); 3. Robert Stevens ($200); 4. David Hackett Jr. ($100); 5. Devon Tonkin ($60); 6. Rick Crisafulli; 7. Chance Weaver; 8. Dan Kapuscinski; 9. Russ Crisafulli; 10. Caleb Colloca; 11. Dan Marsden; 12. Kyle Weeks; 13. Ryan Kendall; 14. Zach Mooney; 15. Madison Myers; 16. Jeremy Tuttle; 17. Doug Stearly.

Fall Frenzy 100 B-Main: 1. Chris Natoli, 2. Devon Tonkin, 3. Doug Stearly, 4. Jeremy Tuttle, 5. Seth Perrin, 6. Chance Weaver, 7. Rick Crisafulli, 8. Noah Ratcliff, 9. Chad LeRoy, 10. Nate Schultzkie.

Clone Light Fall Brawl 50: 1. Logan Crisafulli, 2. TJ Clayton, 3. Gary Miles, 4. Jude Parker, 5. Teresa Gunther, 6. Katelynn Stevens, 7. Matt Matteson, 8. Ashton VanLuven.

Sr. Green Clone: 1. Connor Parsons, 2. Blake Banek.

Sr. Blue Clone: 1. Seth Whitney, 2. Aubrie Thurston, 3. Brittney Hackett.

State Clone Heavy: 1. Chris Natoli, 2. Jeremy Tuttle, 3. Caleb Colloca, 4. Tom Perrin, 5. Robert Stevens, 6. Chad LeRoy.

Clone Super Heavy: 1. Ryan Hall, 2. Noah Ratcliff, 3. Paul Fountaine.

Masters: 1. Chad Jacobson, 2. Ted Clayton.

State Clone Light: 1. Dan Kapuscinski, 2. Dan Marsden, 3. Madison Myers, 4. Devon Tonkin, 5. Zach Mooney, 6. David Hackett Jr., 7. Nate Schultzkie.

Jr. Green: 1. 17 – Callen Cleary, 2. Sawyer Bennett, 3. Bradley Parsons.

Jr. Unrestricted: 1. LOGAN ABBOTT, 2. Owen Bird, 3. Seth Whitney, 4. Hunter Lawton.


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