OSWEGO — Nearly 200 took part Saturday in the fourth annual Out Run Autism 5K Run/Walk in Oswego.

The race was the first in this year’s Make It Happen 20K Race Series, which also includes the Oswego Little League 5K Run/Walk (June 1), the Run For Your Health 5K Run/Walk (Aug. 10), and the Go Bucs 5K Run/Walk (TBA).

Patrick Hall, a standout on the Hannibal varsity track team, placed first overall in Saturday’s five-kilometer run with a time of 17:39.80.

Hall was followed by Oswego’s Eric Enwright (17:47.47) and female race winner Miranda Gilbert of Oswego (17:57.21). Gilbert stars for the Oswego varsity track team.

Completing the top 10 overall finishers were Red Creek’s David Southwick (18:48.11), Oswego’s Andrew Shaver (19:15.47), Oswego’s Madeleine Shaver (19:55.05), Oswego’s Rhonda Bullard (20:02.09), Oswego’s Jon Shaver (20:10.08), Oswego’s Jim Vandish (20:15.72), and Oswego’s Abby Molinari (20:18.88).

The second annual Make It Happen 20K Race combines the traditional five-kilometer races of the Oswego County Autism Task Force, Oswego Little League, Oswego Health Foundation, and the Buc Boosters into a 20K series. ​Participants compete in all four individual events to determine an overall race series winner. The overall winners are based on age group divisions and race time results from the combined four individual races.

According to event organizers, runners can still register for the individual races, however, and not necessarily participate in the 20K series.

​Participants are encouraged to visit www.lightboxreg.com and do an event search and register for the individual 5K races, or a convenient registration link for the entire race series has been established at http://www.lightboxreg.com/makeithappenraceseries_2018.

Prior to the Out Run Autism 5K, the free Kids’ Fun Run, presented by Little Lukes Childcare Center, was held. Kids received a medal for their efforts.

All events on the day supported the Oswego County Autism Task Force, a nonprofit organization seeking to enhance the lives of those touched by Autism Spectrum Disorder in Oswego County.

Races started and finished in front of The Press Box Restaurant in Oswego. The restaurant also held a Breakfast of Autism Champions. Proceeds from the breakfast were also donated to the cause.

Here is a list of the top 30 overall finishers in the Out Run Autism 5K. See www.auyertiming.com for complete results.

Out Run Autism 5K

Top 30 Finishers

  1. Patrick Hall, Hannibal 17:39.80
  2. Eric Enwright, Oswego 17:47.47
  3. Miranda Gilbert, Oswego 17:57.21
  4. David Southwick, Red Creek 18:48.11
  5. Andrew Shaver, Oswego 19:15.47
  6. Madeleine Shaver, Oswego 19:55.05
  7. Rhonda Bullard, Oswego 20:02.09
  8. Jon Shaver, Oswego 20:10.06
  9. Jim Vandish, Oswego 20:15.72
  10. Abby Molinari, Oswego 20:18.88
  11. Jessica Leonard, Oswego 20:24.97
  12. Ron Nelson, Oswego 20:32.10
  13. Josh Molinari, Oswego 21:05.70
  14. Jeremy Kerling, Oswego 21:15.70
  15. Rick Lenahan, Oswego 21:28.99
  16. Larry Spencer, Fulton 22:01.81
  17. James Lagoe, Oswego 22:03.03
  18. Rebecca Dottolo, Baldwinsville 22:08.83
  19. Jason Shepard, New York 22:19.87
  20. Bill Delfing, Oswego 22:29.53
  21. Sean Callen, Oswego 22:35.50
  22. Chris Rusaw, Parish 22:38.92
  23. Brandy Earl, Oswego 22:42.96
  24. Brett DeRue, Oswego 22:45.17
  25. Kevin Morgan, Oswego 22:51.65
  26. Shane Bond, Oswego 23:03.00
  27. Sara Buske, Oswego 23:05.71
  28. William Bonoffski, Oswego 23:24.38
  29. Jason France, Hannibal 23:31.07
  30. Joe DeMars Jr., Fulton 23:47.52

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