Start of the Little League 5K

Pictured are runners at the start of the Oswego Little League 5K, held Saturday at the Fort Ontario Little League complex. The run/walk included more than 70 participants.

OSWEGO — Eric Enwright and Miranda Gilbert, both of Oswego, were the winners of the fifth annual Oswego Little League 5K Run held Saturday at the Fort Ontario Little League complex.

Enwright was the overall winner with a time of 19:42.09 for the five-kilometer event.

Gilbert was second overall and the female winner with her time of 19:51.13.

Completing the top five overall finishers were Andrew Shaver (3rd, 20:45.05), Jon Shaver (4th, 21:21.18), and Josh Molinari (5th, 21:47.38), all of Oswego.

Rounding out the top 10 overall finishers were Oswego runners Madeleine Shaver (21:53.98), Evan Caroccio (21:54.01), Rhonda Bullard (22:12.62), Abby Molinari (23:09.09), and Rick Lenahan (23:23.67).

All proceeds from Saturday’s event will benefit the Oswego Little League program. Oswego Little League is a non-profit organization that dedicates its efforts to helping boys and girls develop the skills to learn to play the game of baseball and other skills such as teamwork and self-confidence.

The run/walk was the second event of the Make It Happen 20K Race Series.

The Make It Happen 20K Race Series combines the traditional 5K races of the Oswego County Autism Task Force (held this past April), Oswego Little League, Oswego Health Foundation, and the Buc Boosters for a series of races throughout the year.

Remaining races in this year’s series are the fourth annual Run for Your Health 5K (Aug. 10), and the fourth annual Go Bucs 5K (Oct. 6).

Participants can compete in all four individual events to determine an overall race series winner. The overall winners will be based on age group divisions and race time results from the combined four individual races. Runners and walkers may also take part in individual events without being part of the overall series competition.

Participants are encouraged to visit and do an event search and register for the individual 5K races, or a convenient registration link for the entire race series has been established at

For additional information on the race series, contact Make It Happen committee member Leo Babcock at 315-456-9507.

Here are the top 30 finishers from the Oswego Little League 5K.

See for complete results.

Little League 5K

  1. Eric Enwright, Oswego 19:42.09
  2. Miranda Gilbert, Oswego 19:51.13
  3. Andrew Shaver, Oswego 20:45.05
  4. Jon Shaver, Oswego 21:21.18
  5. Josh Molinari, Oswego 21:47.38
  6. Madeleine Shaver, Oswego 21:53.98
  7. Evan Caroccio, Oswego 21:54.01
  8. Rhonda Bullard, Oswego 22:12.62
  9. Abby Molinari, Oswego 23:09.09
  10. Rick Lenahan, Oswego 23:23.67
  11. Sean Callen, Oswego 23:35.91
  12. Kyle Gerritt, Oswego, 23:54.59
  13. Lucas Bruns, Oswego 24:01.87
  14. Kevin Morgan, Oswego 24:03.17
  15. William Bonoffski, Oswego 24:20.13
  16. Bill Delfing, Oswego 24:50.89
  17. Brandy Earl, Oswego 25:14.65
  18. Brett DeRue, Oswego 25:19.26
  19. John Bartosek, Parish 25:37.24
  20. Joe Demars Jr., Fulton 25:42.14
  21. Jason Shepard, Fulton 25:48.32
  22. Tom Richardson, Oswego 26:00.88
  23. Joseph Demars Sr., Fulton 26:07.69
  24. Brian VonHoltz, Oswego 26:10.13
  25. Jason France, Hannibal 26:10.34
  26. Meghan Harrison, Oswego 26:33.54
  27. Kelly Metcalf, Baldwinsville 26:54.25
  28. Judy Weissflog, Oswego 27:08.43
  29. Eileen Morgan, Oswego 28:18.45
  30. Kathryn Blum, Oswego 28:40.79

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