OSWEGO — The Oswego City School District will be conducting a strength and conditioning program for its athletes this summer.

Led by OCSD athletic trainer Michael Schlichtig, the program starts Monday and goes until Friday, Aug. 16, which is near the start of the fall sports season.

A span of six weeks, it will be held weekdays with two time slots — 8-10:30 a.m. and 5-7:30 p.m.

“This is all to improve the kids’ fitness level and get them ready for the upcoming season,” Schlichtig said.

The program is open to athletes in grades 7-12. The workouts each day are walk-ins and there isn’t a limit on capacity of athletes.

Schlichtig expects waves of different athletes each day, but hopes the attendance is frequent.

“I’ll be looking to keep the kids on their toes,” he said. “Hopefully the workouts keep the kids coming back.”

The workouts mainly take place in Oswego High School’s weight room, with some of the workouts outdoors. Workouts in the weight room will include lifting, agility, ladders, and more. Outdoor workouts will consist of band-resistant running and sledding weights, among others.

Schlichtig plans to have one-on-one workout time with the athletes, or have the athletes partner with each other.

“We’ll look to increase the general strength and power of the athlete, while focusing on proper form and injury prevention,” he said.

Each day will have a different workout. Schlichtig’s plan is to be on a cycle through the six weeks of the program.

Athletes who have already made their decision for college sports are usually assigned a specific workout regiment. Schlichtig mentioned he would accommodate those different plans.

Being OCSD’s athletic trainer means Schlichtig has access to the athletes’ medical records, including any listing of previous injuries. It’s an advantage to help the athletes stay healthy throughout the sports season.

“I’d like to think I’ve gotten to know these athletes pretty well in the past year, so it’ll be good to move forward with progress and build success in the athletic programs,” Schlichtig said.

For more information on the program, contact Schlichtig at 315-241-2200 or mschlich@oswego.org

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