OSWEGO — Nominations are being accepted for induction into the Oswego High School Athletic Hall of Fame Class of 2020.

The deadline for nominations is Oct. 1.

The Buccaneer Boosters sponsor the hall of fame and the induction ceremony.

Nomination forms are available at www.oswego.org. Completed forms along with supporting materials (such as clippings, scrapbooks, etc.) may be dropped off at the athletic director’s office at OHS or mailed to Rhonda Bullard, Director of Athletics, Oswego City School District, 2 Buccaneer Blvd., Oswego, NY 13126.

Nominees must have attended the Oswego City School District and participated in Oswego athletics for a minimum of two years; or must have coached in the district for a minimum of 10 years; or must have made significant contributions through interscholastic athletics; or must have attended school in the district and made significant contributions in the world of sports.

Also considered are Oswego varsity teams that had major accomplishments.

For athletes, a 10-year waiting period is required for induction from the time leaving OHS. There is no such waiting period for coaches or contributors.

All nominations are held by the hall of fame committee for future consideration. Those wishing to supplement a previous nomination with additional information may do so.

Here is a list of past induction classes.

Class of 2008 (inaugural class): David Garrow, Brian Akley, Erik Cole, Robert Sheldon, Elmer Akley, Helen Jermyn, Sally (Dowd) McCrobie, Pete Sears, Dave Powers, 1932 boys basketball team.

Class of 2009: Helen Kessler, Jim Jermyn, Wendy Seaton, Robert L. Farrell, Joseph Wilber, William Symons, 1983 softball team.

Class of 2010: Charles Hutcheson, David Maniccia, Theodore Kerley, 1991 boys bowling team.

Class of 2011: Denise Sawyer, Kim Schneider, Dr. Wallace Brown, Bobbi Jo Louis, Dr. Dan Gould, 1941 football team.

Class of 2012: Francis Carl, Sherry (Brown) McCann, Howard McCann, Debbie (Miller) Lyons, Erwin “Jeep” Dewey, 1995-96 and 1996-97 boys hockey teams.

Class of 2013: Howard J. Mulcahey, Debbie Mann, Maggie Lester, Alice Reardon, 1991 boys tennis team.

Class of 2015: William Drumm, Katie Frawley, Donna (Clark) Gayne, Stephen Jermyn, Anthony Richmond.

Class of 2016: Mike Skinner, Michelle Kunzwiler, Barb (Verdoliva) Carroll, Robert E. Farrell, Emily (Kaier) Cromwell.

Class of 2017: Mike Boyzuick, John Glinski, Dave Perlman, Abby (Delia) Molinari, Josh Molinari, 1975 girls soccer team.

Class of 2018: Nancy Nitardy, John Edwards, Doug Leavens, Ashley Wallace, 1990-91 and 1991-92 boys hockey teams.

Class of 2019: Michael McCrobie, Michele Wink, Tom Farrell, Jacob McAndrew, Carmen Ruggio, Dennis “Gary” Richardson.

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