FULTON — Mat Williamson won the $20,000 top prize Saturday as he claimed his first Outlaw 200 triumph at Fulton Speedway.

He became the first Canadian to win one of the most prestigious races in the Northeast.

Williamson, who started 34th, made the winning pass on lap 177, getting by Tim Sears Jr. He then drove away from the field to the checkered flag.

In victory lane, Williamson had a roof-top celebration with his car owner and his crew.

“We got ourselves deep in the field early on,” said Williamson. “We were good the first 100. I didn’t know what to change (at the lap 100 break). We got a good restart there. I didn’t know if I was going to catch Timmer (Sears) or not. It was going to be a good race either way. We needed this. We’ve struggled this year.”

Sears finished second and led a huge portion of the race.

“We were really good,” said Sears. “Mat was just a little better at the end.”

Sears said he’s happy with his Troyer car heading into Super DIRT Week at Oswego Speedway.

Matt Sheppard raced near the front the entire race and placed third, coming across the line at the checkers inches behind Sears.

“We had a pretty good car tonight. I couldn’t steer at all in the first 100. We made some adjustments and were a little better, just not good enough to be parked over there,” he said, gesturing toward victory lane.

Jimmy Phelps started 40th in the 46-car field and took the lead on a lap 83 restart, staying out front to the lap 100 halfway break. On lap 121, Phelps was still in contention for the win when a lapped car got into him exiting turn 4. The contact damaged Phelps’ front end.

Larry Wight had an impressive run to finish fourth after having a flat right rear early in the race, restarting 46th. 

Tim Fuller finished fifth. Completing the top 10 were Rocky Warner, Michael Maresca, Dave Marcuccilli, Chris Hile, and Ryan Susice.

Fourteen cars finished on the lead lap.


Lap leaders: Alan Johnson (laps 1-19), Tim Fuller (lap 20), Tim Sears Jr. (laps 21-83), Jimmy Phelps (laps 84-107), Tim Sears Jr. (laps 108-176), Mat Williamson (laps 177-200). 

Outlaw 200 Finish: Mat Williamson, Tim Sears Jr. Matt Sheppard, Larry Wight, Tim Fuller, Rocky Warner, Michael Maresca, Dave Marcuccilli, Chris Hile, Ryan Susice, Pat Ward, Alan Johnson, Chad Phelps, Willy Decker, Tom Collins, Ryan Jordan, Justin Crisafulli, Jeff Prentice, Colton Wilson, Glenn Forward, Corey Barker, Alex Payne, Jimmy Phelps, Jackson Gill, Joe August Jeff Taylor, Shawn Walker, Todd Root, Tyler Trump, Roy Bresnahan, Jim Witko Jr., Billy Dunn, Danny Johnson, Marshall Hurd, Jordan Kelly, Billy Decker, Eldon Payne, Garett Rushlow, Darren Smith, Nick Nye, Gordy Button, Bob Henry Jr., Mike Mahaney, Kyle Inman, Mike Stanton Jr., J.J. Courcy.

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