OSWEGO — Peaceful Remedies, a not-for-profit that provides different therapies and other support in the Oswego community, has announced its First Annual Mary Gosek Captain and Crew Golf Tournament. 

The tournament will be on Sept. 12 at Stone Creek Golf Club in Oswego. It will also serve as a fundraiser, with all proceeds going to Peaceful Remedies and the services they provide. The proceeds won’t go anywhere specific for Peaceful Remedies, but wherever it’s needed to help with different services.

Fitzgibbons Insurance Agency is sponsoring the hole-in-one contests and there are several other companies, like Eagle Beverage, who will be hole or tee sponsors, or are providing prizes for golfers.

Chris Haessig, a volunteer with Peaceful Remedies, said that “the community is really stepping up” to help the tournament. She added that Will Weimer, the owner of Stone Creek Golf Club, “couldn’t have been more gracious” in assisting the tournament.

“We’re not finding it as difficult as we thought it might be, especially after the pandemic,” Haessig said. “It’s all really starting to come together.”

A golf tournament was an idea that the organization had last year, but it couldn’t come to fruition with the COVID-19 pandemic, according to Ed Gosek, Mary’s husband.

The idea came up since Mary was an avid golfer at Stone Creek, and it made for a nice “connection to Mary,” Haessig mentioned.

“We thought it would be a fun event,” Ed Gosek said. “Last year, without being able to have some of the main fundraisers – like the health and wellness fair – they were looking for alternative ways to help raise funds. This was one of them.”

Mary Gosek founded Peaceful Remedies in 2015 to help the greater Oswego community. She was diagnosed with ovarian cancer in 2012 and she passed away in 2017.  The organization’s services are all free.

Mary “had quite the vision,” Haessig said, by wanting to help not just those who are sick. She wanted to help caregivers who could potentially become sick, too, from potential stress of helping – that part was most important to Mary, Haessig added.

As the organization grew, and the pandemic eventually came along, both Haessig and Ed Gosek said they couldn’t imagine how much of an impact Peaceful Remedies would have – something that has grown to outside the Oswego community. 

Haessig mentioned that the book club ,which was started during the pandemic, had participants from Buffalo and North Carolina.

“We knew there was a need for it in the community, but we didn’t really fully understand how much of a need there was. The amount of people that are coming in and using the services they offer has been remarkable,” Ed Gosek said. “This is just one way the community, with Peaceful Remedies and Mary’s vision, can help each other. I don’t think any of us realized it would get as big as it has.”

The goal is to continue this tournament after this year, hence why the organization added “First Annual” to the name. So far, Haessig said there had been around 10 teams to sign up. The hope is for 20 teams to participate this year.

Ed Gosek, who is also the men’s hockey coach at Oswego State, said there is a lot support from multiple communities within Oswego. There is a “very supportive hockey community,” plus a lot of people from the racing community, where Ed Gosek’s brother Joe is well-known, who have also backed the mission of Peaceful Remedies.

He also mentioned that he will be participating in the event with a team.

“I can (drive it) left, I can (drive it) right. I can (drive it) everywhere but straight down the fairway,” Gosek said with a laugh.

Haessig said that building the organization and bringing in more events like this, it’s “just what (Mary) wanted.”

“The way that I look at it, all of us are going to be in the position where we’re going through a life-altering illness as we age, or we’re going to be caring for someone going through that. It’s a universal thing. All of us will most likely experience that at some point,” Haessig said. “I know Mary’s proud of the work we’re continuing to do.” 

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