OSWEGO — The Make It Happen 20K Race Series Committee is gearing up for the fourth annual series and has announced these events will be held live.

There will be protocols in place and all CDC guidelines and COVID-19 requirements will be met. 

 “We are so excited to be able to return to an in-person event. Auyer Timing is providing great ways to keep participants distanced. This year has been tough and the community is eager to get back to live 5K events,” committee member Michele Hourigan said.

The Make It Happen 20K Race Series combines long-standing five-kilometer races of the Oswego County Autism Task Force, Oswego Little League, Oswego Health Foundation, and the Buc Boosters into one series. 

The series starts Saturday, May 1, with the Out Run Autism 5K, followed by the Oswego Little League 5K on June 20, the Oswego Health Foundation 5K on Aug. 14, and the Buc Boosters’ Go Bucs 5K on Oct. 10.

Participants once again will compete in all four individual events, with overall race series winners in both running and walking categories. Series results will be based on age group divisions and race time results from all four events combined. 

“While supporting so many wonderful community organizations, it will be so nice for runners and walkers to get back out there together,” Hourigan said.

Visit https://makeithappenoswego.com to register for the series.

Anyone interested in the series must register prior to the first event on May 1.


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