BREWERTON — Jim Witko Jr. of Clarks Summit, Pennsylvania was the surprise winner of Friday’s 35-lap DIRTcar Modified feature at Brewerton Speedway.

Witko attributed the win to two things. This week he took delivery of CC Performance Engine and took time off work to put together a new chassis he had in the back of the race shop. That combination paid dividends as he held challenges from Tyler Trump and Ron Davis III for his first win since 2017.

Other winners on Scott Jeffery’s Performance Plus Night were Kevin Root (Dot Foods DIRTcar Sportsman), Mike Mullen (U.S. Air Force Mod Lites), and Chris Bonoffski (Fleet Repairs Truck & Trailer Repair Four-Cylinders).

Roy Bresnahan and Tim Harris brought the 35-lap Big-Block Modified feature to the initial green flag. Bresnahan grabbed the lead with Witko taking the top spot one lap later.

Bresnahan regained the lead on lap 5 by inches at the line. Witko was second, followed by Harris, Trump, and Andrew Ferguson.

Through 10 laps, Bresnahan and Witko were in a two-car breakaway at the front of field. After racing side-by-side lap after lap, Witko took the lead away from Bresnahan with a power move on the bottom of the speedway exiting turn 4 on lap 16.

On lap 20 Witko and Bresnahan were still running 1-2, but Trump and Davis were quickly closing ground.

After working his way to second, Trump chased down Witko and was right on Witko’s back bumper with Davis not far behind.

Over the final laps, Trump and Davis tried to find a way by, but Witko was on rails on the bottom groove and drove away for a half-a-straightaway win. Davis, Trump, Tim Sears Jr., and Larry Wight completed the top five.

In the 25-lap Sportsman feature, Joe Sobotka jumped out to the early lead. Trailing him were John Strickler, Willy Decker Jr., Kevin Root, and Mike Prentice.

On lap 9, Strickler was glued to the bottom and drove by Joe Sobotka to be scored the new leader.

On lap 18 the caution flag waved, erasing the three-second lead Strickler had built.

When racing resumed, Root needed two laps to drive into the lead from the top side of the speedway. Root pulled away for his fourth win of the year. Stickler finished second followed by Zach Sobotka, Mike Prentice, and Mike Fowler.

In the 20-lap Mod Lites feature, Doug Williams, Mike Mullen, Brian Meyers, and Justin Williams all led early laps in the first half of the race.

At the halfway point, Mullen took the lead and looked like he would run away and hide, but Meyers had other ideas. On the final lap, Meyers and Mullen ran tight together, setting up a drag race off turn 4 to the checkers. Mullen won by 0.439 of a second. Casey Sykes, Justin Williams, and Joe Garafolo finished third through fifth.

In the 15-lap Four-Cylinders feature, Chris Bonoffski took the lead on lap 2 and dominated the rest of the distance. Chuck Powelczyk, Ray Bechler, Quinn Wallis, and Ken Pitsley came home second through fifth.

Brewerton Speedway finishes

Tracey Road Equipment DIRTcar Modifieds (35 laps): Jim Witko Jr., Ron Davis III, Tyler Trump, Tim Sears Jr., Larry Wight, Tom Sears Jr., Andrew Ferguson, Chad Phelps, Chris Hile, Pat Ward, Jimmy Phelps, Roy Bresnahan, Matt Hulsizer, Billy Decker, Katelyn Hile, Tim Harris, Nick Krause, Collin DuBois.

Dot Foods DIRTcar Sportsman (25 laps): Kevin Root, John Strickler, Zach Sobotka, Mike Prentice, Mike Fowler, Dylan Zacharias, Chris Mackey, Corey Barker, Alan Fink, Willy Decker Jr., Mark Yorker, Stephen Denton, Joe Sobotka, Rich Townsend, Billy Clark Jr., Jim Spano, Jeff Taylor, Tyler Corcoran, Tyler Murray, Quinn Wallis, Earl Rudy, Tim Devendorf, Colby Herzog, Bailey Groves, Brandon Carvey, Amy Holland, Jeff Prentice, J.J. Courcy.

U.S Air Force Mod Lites (20 laps): Mike Mullen, Brian Meyers, Casey Sykes, Justin Williams, Joe Garafolo, Tucker Halliday, Doug Williams, Dave Brown, Tom Perkins, Kelly Skinner, Roger Olschewske, Kyle Demo, Ben Reed, Tom Mackey.

Fleet Repairs Truck & Trailer Repair Four-Cylinders (15 laps): Chris Bonoffski, Chuck Powelczyk, Ray Bechler, Quinn Wallis, Ken Pitsley, Tim Balins, Clayton Koch, Jacob Dupra, Damien Bechler, Donnie Rider.


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