Learn to Swim program

Miranda Shafer, an emergency responder with North Oswego County Ambulance and New Haven Volunteer Fire Department, recently visited Mexico’s Learn to Swim program on Safety Day to share safety tips with the class. Shafer, pictured at left calling on a student at the Mexico High School pool, graduated from Mexico in 2016.

MEXICO — A pair of Mexico graduates who work as emergency responders recently returned to Mexico High School to share safety tips and details with youths in the summer Learn-to-Swim program.

During the program’s safety day, Mexico alumni Miranda Shafer and Michael Guzman spent a portion of the time talking about what to do in an emergency, when to call 911 and what information they should know ahead of time.

Shafer, who graduated from MACS in 2016, is a member of North Oswego County Ambulance and New Haven Volunteer Fire Department. Guzman, a 2017 Mexico graduate, is a responder with McFee and Menter ambulance services in addition to New Haven VFD.

Lindsay Rodas, the coordinator of Mexico’s Learn-to-Swim program, thanked both Shafer and Guzman for coming out and speaking with the classes.

“We appreciate that they both made time to help make our kids safer and teach them about what to do in an emergency situation,” she said.

Learn to Swim is offered every summer for kids ages six months and up for all ability levels. More information can be found at mexicocsd.org.

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