OSWEGO — Nate Hudson poured in 29 points as Garafolo’s defeated D&S Landscaping, 78-59, in Oswego City Basketball B-League week-eight action on Wednesday.

Corey Galletta chipped in 20 points for Garafolo’s. Greg Lavery added 10 points, and Joe Garafolo contributed nine points. Eric Frans had eight points.

For D&S Landscaping, Ted Knopp finished with 19 points. Jeff Pierce tossed in 13 points, and Adam McNitt had 12 points.


The Creampuffs 65, New Haven Building Supply 45: Dylon Doupe racked up 27 points as The Creampuffs topped New Haven Building Supply by a score of 65-45 on Tuesday.

Greg Stone and Matt Sassone each had 10 points for The Creampuffs. Josh Wahnon scored eight points, while Pat Sassone had six.

For New Haven Building Supply, Jake Cleveland and Cody Rose both had 17 points. Jordan Storrs contributed seven points.

Garafolo’s 84, Kyle Ridlon Productions 64: Eric Frans tossed in 25 points to aid Garafolo’s in its 84-64 win over Kyle Ridlon Productions on Tuesday.

Nate Hudson scored 19 points for Garafolo’s. Greg Lavery chipped in 18 points, and Corey Galletta added 15 points.

For Kyle Ridlon Productions, Tyler Swarthout had 24 points. Joe Taylor tallied 23 points, while Tracy Swarthout contributed 11 points.

The Creampuffs 56, Black Panthers 53: Josh Wahnon’s 23 points propelled The Creampuffs to a 56-53 victory over the Black Panthers on Thursday.

Kyle Perry scored 15 points for The Creampuffs. Matt and Pat Sassone each added seven points.

For the Black Panthers, Elliott Singleton had 14 points. Roy Miller added 12 points, and James Lagoe contributed eight points. Tyrone Hill and Josh Pierce both had six points.


Cheap Seats 52, Performance Fitness 50: Cheap Seats edged Performance Fitness by a score of 52-50 in double-overtime C-League action.

Performance Fitness’s Mike Kelly tied the game at 39-39 at the end of regulation on three free throws. Near the end of the first overtime slot, Joe Pekarek drilled a 3-pointer for Performance Fitness to knot the score and force another OT period. Cheap Seats, however, escaped with a 52-50 win in second OT.

Eric Enwright finished with 14 points for Cheap Seats. Jesse Varucchi provided nine points.

For Performance Fitness, Nick Merluzzi led with 13 points. Kelly added 12 points, and Pekarek contributed 10.

J.P. Jewelers 49, LaGraf’s Pub 44: J.P. Jewelers beat LaGraf’s Pub, 49-44, on Wednesday.

Will Abert tossed in 20 points for J.P. Jewelers. Kyle Perez chipped in 17 points, and Tyler Perez added eight points.

For LaGraf’s Pub, Dan Buskey tallied 20 points. Joe Williams scored 13 points, and Jerry Blum had seven points.

Press Box 49, Oswego Moose Lodge 45: Press Box topped Oswego Moose Lodge 743 by a score of 49-45 on Thursday.

Jake Gardner led the charge for Press Box with 18 points. Tim Maynes provided 14 points.

For Oswego Moose Lodge, Kevin Carpenter tossed in 22 points. Devin Caruso added seven points, while Ernesto Cedillo contributed six points.

LaGraf’s Pub 48, Oswego Moose Lodge 43: Kevin Carpenter poured in 22 points, but Oswego Moose Lodge 743 fell 48-43 to LaGraf’s Pub on Monday.

Dan Buskey scored 17 points for LaGraf’s Pub. Jerry Blum added 15 points.

For Oswego Moose Lodge, Tom Drumm chipped in 13 points.


Below is the week-eight schedule for the Oswego City Basketball League. All games will be played at Oswego Middle School.

Monday, Dec. 9

Black Panthers vs. LeBaudy Law Office, 6:15 p.m. (B)

Monstar Energy vs. New Haven Building Supply, 7:15 p.m. (B)

Tuesday, Dec. 10

The Creampuffs vs. Kyle Ridlon Productions, 6:15 p.m. (B)

Performance Fitness vs. LaGraf’s Pub, 7:15 p.m. (C)

Monstar Energy vs. Black Panthers (makeup), 8:15 p.m. (B)

Wednesday, Dec. 11

Press Box vs. J.P. Jewelers, 6:15 p.m. (C)

D&S Landscaping vs. Garafolo’s, 7:15 p.m. (B)

Thursday, Dec. 12

Cheap Seats vs. Oswego Moose Lodge 743, 6:15 p.m. (C)

The Creampuffs vs. Monstar Energy (makeup), 7:15 p.m. (B)

D&S Landscaping vs. LeBaudy Law Office (makeup), 8:15 p.m. (B)


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