Tourney champs

Shawn Baldwin and Kyle Ridlon won the 2019 Member-Member Tournament at Stone Creek Golf Club. 

OSWEGO — Left-handers Shawn Baldwin and Kyle Ridlon captured the championship of the 2019 Member-Member Tournament recently at Stone Creek Golf Club.

The fourth annual two-day, 23-team event included three unique matches, including 18 holes of best-ball on day one and 27 holes on day two consisting of nine holes of modified alternate shot and then 18 holes of captain and mate to finish out the tournament.

The sudden-death championship shootout included Baldwin and Ridlon (Championship Flight), Tom Abbott and Tom Pryor (1st Flight), Eddie Baker and Tyler Baker (2nd Flight), Zach Catalone and Jeff Dewey (3rd Flight), Paul Kelly and Glenn Trinder (4th Flight), and Joe Meyer and Jeremy Linn (5th Flight).

The six teams played captain and mate sudden death through holes 1, 2, 7, 8, and 9 as needed.

On the first sudden-death hole Baldwin and Ridlon struck quickly, continuing their surgical dissection of the course as they had all weekend long. Ridlon out-drove the field by 50 yards with a 290-yard stinger down the right side of the par-4, 329-yard first hole. 

This set his team up with 40 yards to the pin, and they capitalized on the opportunity. Ridlon knocked a soft 55-degree wedge to 10 feet. 

With other teams in at par, Baldwin sank the right-to-left birdie putt to secure the 2019 Stone Creek Member-Member Championship.

Tourney organizers thanked the entire staff for preparing the golf course for this event. They also thanked the sponsors. 

The tournament was managed by Stone Creek owner and PGA Head Professional Will Weimer, PGA Assistant Professional Amanda Brownell, and Stone Creek owner Scott Baker.

Here are the final flight standings

Championship Flight

1st — Kyle Ridlon and Shawn Baldwin

2nd — Bob Ruggio and Mike Nicholson

3rd — Bob Holmes and Christine Holmes

First Flight

1st — Tom Abbott and Tom Pryor

2nd — Mani Perivemba and Kevin King

T-3rd — Dave Winterhalt and Donna Cornacchia

T-3rd — Mike Coffey and Jim Bartholomew

Second Flight

1st — Eddie Baker and Tyler Baker

2nd — Chris Wright and Shirley Baker

3rd — Malcott Burgess and Bill Roden

Third Flight

1st — Jeff Dewey and Zach Catalone

2nd — Maureen Ball and Kelly Wells

T-3rd — Anthony Roden and Eric Otis

T-3rd — Tom Paeno and Jeff Chamberlain

Fourth Flight

1st — Paul Kelly and Glenn Trinder

2nd — Robert Voss and Brad Voss

3rd — George Ball and Jody Wells

Fifth Flight

1st — Joe Meyer and Jeremy Linn

2nd — Rusty Hinckley and Tim Somers

3rd — Matt Barbeau and Craig Rebeor

For more information on Stone Creek Golf Club, see the website at or follow Stone Creek Golf Club on Facebook.


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