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Pictured are some of those who participated Saturday in the "Healthy Kids on the Run" fun run, sponsored by Oswego Health. The event preceded the Harborfest Run/Walk.

OSWEGO — About 200 people took part Saturday in the 31st annual Oswego YMCA Harborfest Run/Walk.

The presenting sponsor was Oswego Health and the Oswego Health Center for Orthopedic Care.

Other primary sponsors included Burritt Motors, Compass Credit Union, Felix Schoeller North America, and the Oz Running Club.

Events began and finished near the Oswego YMCA, 265 W. First St., Oswego.

Proceeds from the event go toward supporting Y programs that help create and deliver positive change to kids, adults, and families.

The morning began with the “Healthy Kids on the Run” fun run, sponsored by Oswego Health. This event, for ages 4-12, offered distances of a quarter-mile, a half-mile, and one mile.

Auburn’s Greg Stowell was the overall winner of the five-kilometer run. He finished with a time of 17:58.29.

Oswego’s Zachary McQuaid placed second in 19:01.52. Completing the top five were Oswego runners Matthew Talamo (19:43.12), Jon Shaver (20:41.66), and Andrew Shaver (20:46.54).

The top three finishers in the women’s 5K run were Warwick’s Kelly Brozowski (21:05.08), Oswego’s Madeleine Shaver (21:36.74), and Oswego’s Joan Newell (21:46.24). The placed ninth, 10th, and 11th overall.

Jason Holder of Atlanta won the 10K run in 38:41.72. Oswego runners Russell Crisafulli (40:11.99) and Chris Erikson (40:17.05) took second and third, respectively.

Oswego’s Rhonda Bullard was the women’s 10K winner in 44:45.50. She finished sixth overall. Rounding out the top three in the women’s 10K run were Sophia Lex (48:16.34) of Butler, Pennsylvania, and Donna O’Bryan (49:23.21) of Fayetteville.

Oswego’s Lisa Flood won the 5K walk in 32:20.29.

Following the events, an awards ceremony was held in Civic Plaza.

Here are the top finishers from each event. For complete results, see


  1. Greg Stowell, Auburn 17:56.29
  2. Zachary McQuaid, Oswego 19:01.52
  3. Matthew Talamo, Oswego 19:43.12
  4. Jon Shaver, Oswego 20:41.66
  5. Andrew Shaver, Oswego 20:46.54
  6. Caeden Cox, Marcellus 20:47.59
  7. Jared Cassedy, Bedford, N.H. 20:47.72
  8. Sun-Jin Shah, New York City 21:02.27
  9. Kelly Brozowski, Warwick 21:05.08
  10. Madeleine Shaver, Oswego 21:36.74
  11. Joan Newell, Oswego 21:46.24
  12. David Price, Oswego 21:47.84
  13. Jessica Leonard, Oswego 21:52.01
  14. Jim Vandish, Oswego 22:27.13
  15. Matthew Chubon, Oswego 22:31.33
  16. Zachary Demott, Oswego 22:35.81
  17. Eric Wildrick, Mexico 23:03.12
  18. Al Stancampiano, Rochester 23:15.79
  19. Tae-Jin Shah, New York City 24:08.26
  20. Abby Molinari, Oswego, 24:12.60
  21. Bill Delfing, Oswego 24:27.47
  22. Spencer Horton, Fulton 24:53.02
  23. Marcus Baker, Oswego 24:53.36
  24. Elliot Newell, Oswego 25:15.38
  25. Meghan Harrison, Oswego 25:20.39
  26. Brendan McCarthy, Avon Lake, Ohio 25:40.19
  27. Elaine Young, Kirkville, 25:42.59
  28. Tyler Osbourne, Fulton, 25:46.56
  29. Rich Burritt, Oswego 26:09.84
  30. Britanee Burritt, Oswego 26:10.41


  1. Jason Holder, Atlanta, Ga. 38:41.72
  2. Russell Crisafulli, Oswego 40:11.99
  3. Chris Erikson, Oswego 40:17.05
  4. Erwin Learned, Oswego 43:21.28
  5. Jeffrey Ballyns, Washington, D.C. 43:50.23
  6. Rhonda Bullard, Oswego 44:45.50
  7. Lawrence Miller, Oswego 46:35.93
  8. Ben Harrell, Oswego 46:44.06
  9. Kyle Davis, Oswego 46:49.27
  10. Sophia Lex, Butler, Pa. 48:16.34
  11. Donna O’Bryan, Fayetteville 49:23.21
  12. Daniel Lapus, Needham, Mass. 49:33.83
  13. Jacob Lewis, Oswego 49:37.06
  14. Kevin Morgan, Oswego 49:40.14
  15. Matt Drohan, Butler, Pa. 50:33.91
  16. Brett DeRue, Oswego 51:17.24
  17. Devon Rodgers, Baldwinsville 51:18.73
  18. Megan McCarthy, Washington, D.C. 51:28.82
  19. Kyle Austin, Oswego 51:49.10
  20. Olivia Drohan, Butler, Pa. 52:04.25


  1. Lisa Flood, Oswego 32:20.29
  2. Paige Barker, Oswego 42:12.93
  3. Trish Waters, Oswego 42:29.74
  4. Trina Mills, Oswego 42:29.88
  5. Caitlin Canahai, East Amherst 43:29.97


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