Start of the Go Bucs 5K

Pictured are runners at the start of Sunday's Go Bucs 5K.

OSWEGO — The fourth annual Go Bucs 5K was held Sunday at Oswego High School.

There were 115 runners and walkers that finished the event. It was the final event in the four-race Make It Happen Series.

According to the results listed on, the winner of Sunday’s five-kilometer run was Jason Purtell.

Two times were listed on the website for each runner. The website said results were sorted by gun time.

For purposes of this article, the first time listed is the one used. Purtell’s time was 18:40.23.

Completing the top five were Oswego’s Ethan Hunt (18:59.84), Oswego’s Eric Enwright (20:31.12), Landon Voss (20:33.24), and Oswego’s Andrew Shaver (21:00.09).

The top female finisher was Oswego’s Molly Fitzgibbons with a time of 21:43.92. She was 10th overall.

The next two runners were second and third in the women’s 5K. They were Madeleine Shaver (11th overall, 21:45.40), and Rhonda Bullard (12th overall, 21:50.39).

For complete results, see

Here is a list of the top 30 finishers.

  1. Jason Purtell, 18:40.23
  2. Ethan Hunt, 19:00.23
  3. Eric Enwright, 20:31.12
  4. Landon Voss, 20:33.24
  5. Andrew Shaver, 21:00.09
  6. Jon Shaver, 21:07.72
  7. Connor Mulcahey, 21:20.33
  8. Matthew Chubon, 21:35.29
  9. Zachary Demott, 21:39.63
  10. Molly Fitzgibbons, 21:43.92
  11. Madeleine Shaver, 21:45.40
  12. Rhonda Bullard, 21:50.39
  13. Samuel Liepke, 21:59.22
  14. Jacob Bush, 22:02.72
  15. Josh Sterio, 22:21.93
  16. Seth Perrin, 22:22.57
  17. Thomas Gfeller, 22:27.71
  18. Jessica Leonard, 22:29.57
  19. Sophia Babcock, 23:04.51
  20. Logan Engle, 23:47.26
  21. John McEachen, 23:48.30
  22. Kevin Morgan, 24:05.99
  23. Sean Callen, 24:09.54
  24. Rick Lenahan, 24:22.39
  25. Brett Derue, 24:38.08
  26. Ashley Patterson, 24:48.74
  27. Gretchen Dowd, 25:26.53
  28. Sydney DeLapp, 25:36.00
  29. Ethan Hyland, 25:41.76
  30. Daniel Callen, 25:47.76

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