OSWEGO — On the heels of the Oswego Little League Majors Division championship series, where the competing teams were sponsored by the Oswego Police Department and city of Oswego Fire Department (OFD), both departments will take part in their own softball game on Monday.

“The Battle of the Badges,” slated to start at 4 p.m. at Fort Ontario, will feature active members of both the police and fire departments in a “winner-take-all” situation for “bragging rights,” according to a press release sent out by OPD. 

The game bares resemblance to the Comerford/Davis softball challenge between the agencies, which last took place in 2013. 

“A healthy rivalry” has already begun between both departments. OPD gave the initial challenge earlier in the summer, according to a couple officers, but the OFD declined. The Little League championship series — where the Firefighters defeated the Police — “encouraged” the fire department to put together a team “to prove to the Little Leaguers they can win too,” OPD officers said.

When asked, OPD Officers Tom Grover and Chelsea Giovo both said they are playing in the duel. Giovo also confirmed that Oswego city common council president Rob Corrardino will throw out a ceremonial opening pitch, while Oswego Little League president Tim Kirwan will serve as the game’s umpire.

Both of the departments’ chiefs got in on the fun, as well. “The firemen plan to keep the winning streak going,” OFD Chief Randy Griffin said, referring to the Little League champions. 

“The police department will hose the competition to cool their win streak,” OPD Chief Phil Cady said.

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