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Pictured during a previous year’s move-in day at SUNY Oswego, members of the college’s Residence Life Red Carpet Crew assist new students with the process.

Editor’s Note: This content was provided by SUNY Oswego Student Life.

OSWEGO — With move-in day for SUNY Oswego’s new students having taken place on Friday, Aug. 23, SUNY Oswego’s Student Life staff worked with Residence Life and Housing and got tips from 10 students to help as families prepared for the milestone of a son or daughter moving to go to college.

Some of the tips focused on getting organized in advance and knowing what (and what not) to bring:

• “Organize all your stuff ahead of time so that move in day is less stressful and hectic.” — Courtney Sayre

• “On the ride to school, bring a minimal amount of items. Try to only bring your clothing and bedding. The rest of the stuff you may need like toiletries and such can be purchased at a store near your school. This should make packing and unpacking easier and less of a hassle.” — Maryelin Garcia De La Rosa

• “Pack 2 sets of sheets, so when you wash one you have a spare to put on your bed.” — Colleen Sewall

• “Pack clothes in space bags! The vacuum bags!” — Randy Catterson

• “Don’t bring all your clothes! Bringing all your coats and layers at once will fill your closet space. That’s why there are so many breaks built in to go home and swap out seasonal clothing.” — Andrew Nimetz

• “Get a full night’s rest beforehand, especially if you have a long drive!” — Shannon France

• “Don’t forget shower shoes.” — Alexis Bowering

• “Dress appropriately. I know you want to look cute but you want to make sure you wear proper shoe wear for going up and down stairs!” — MaKaila Heath

It’s quite possible that your parents, guardians, and family members want to come up with you. SUNY Oswego students advise that you make sure they are part of a special day for everybody.

• “Let your parents/guardians help you move. It’s a big day for them too.” — Alexis Bowering

• “If your mother offers to make your bed for you one last time, let her do it. I promise you’ll regret it if you don’t.” — Tiara Hoover

For the moving-in process, it’s worth considering both practical and fun bits of advice for the move.

• “Be patient! Everyone is hot and running around and wants to move in at the same time. The best thing is to stay calm, stay positive, be patient and know that your college journey awaits you and it’s not going anywhere!” — MaKaila Heath

• “Make a ‘move-in’ playlist on Spotify or YouTube. That way you can get excited while you put it together and then have a queue of songs ready to go in the background day of, no stress!” — Maureen Bender

So you’ve moved in, and your parents have bid farewell? What’s next? Get ready to meet all your new friends.

• “Introduce yourself to your roommate (if you haven’t already spoken), neighbors, and others in your building.” — Shannon France

• “Keep your door open! This way you get to see the others in your hall and say hello.” — Colleen Sewall

At SUNY Oswego, there was a welcome picnic in the academic quad, allowing new students to meet other new students, as well as some returning students, faculty, and staff. New students to any college should check to see if similar opportunities will be available.

Wherever you’re coming from and whatever you plan to do, move-in day might bring some anxiety but ultimately it’s one of the most exciting days of a student’s life.

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