Shine man Foundation grant presented

The Fulton Block Builders (FBB) organization has announced that it has raised $70,000 toward the fundraising goal and received a $140,000 matching grant from the Richard S. Shineman Foundation. Pictured, Karen Goetz (right), executive director of the Richard S. Shineman Foundation, presents Linda Eagan, FBB administrative director, with a check for $140,000. The money goes toward FBB Challenge Grants and advertising.

FULTON — Fulton Block Builders continues to grow in sponsors for 2019, allowing the group to broaden its programming efforts.

Local businesses, civic groups, and individuals have helped Fulton Block Builders (FBB), a community development agency, raise $70,000 toward its fundraising goals and allowed the program to receive a $140,000 from the Richard S. Shineman Foundation.

Eagan said that FBB’s most recent donations have come from The Great Outdoors, Oswego County Federal Credit Union, Uniforms Etc., Longley Brothers Dodge, Kenwell Corporation, Northern Ace Home Center, Thomas and Patty Benedetto, and many other individuals.

This growth in community sponsorship has allowed Fulton Block Builders to take after Oswego Renaissance Association and offer “pride grants,” which Linda Eagan, FBB administrative director, described as a community-driven project for a piece of city property like renewing a fence around a public park.

Eagan said she’s even considering the idea of sponsoring an FBB-themed entry for the 2020 Memorial Day Salute Parade.

These businesses have been serving the Fulton community for many years, Eagan said in a news release recently. As with so many sponsors that have preceded this group, she said, each is committed to the city of Fulton, its residents, and the opportunities for positive change that came with the Fulton Block Builders initiative.

All monies raised go directly to support the FBB Challenge Grants and advertising — with no paid staff.

The Shineman Foundation provides the group with matching grants to support property renovation projects, Eagan said. She added that the Shineman Foundation’s vision is to act as a “catalyst for change,” as its mission and vision suggests, to enhance the quality of life in Oswego County.

“Their tagline is ‘a catalyst for change,’ and they’re making huge changes,” said Eagan. “Without the Shineman Foundation, the Fulton Block Builders would never have taken off.”

More than 250 homeowners submitted applications this year, making the decision for FBB’s independent scoring committee “very difficult,” according to Eagan. The decisions were based on group collaboration, evidence of community spirit, visibility in the city, completeness of the application, and proposed work.

“To that end, 214 homeowners were awarded grants for work to be completed on their homes, before the end of October, in all wards of the city,” states the group’s most recent press release.

According to FBB leadership, to date nearly $75 million has been invested in FBB’s participating homes, with homeowners investing three times the Bock Challenge Award.

Both Eagan and Karen Goetz, executive director of the Shineman Foundation, said they are enthusiastic about the positive changes that the 2019 grant awardees will make in the city.


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